Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Queen in coffee sack burlap

Have you ever wanted one of those AWESOME vintage dress forms...on the cool wheeled base...with the fabulous metal cage at the bottom??
One of these:

Well, me too!

So I was so excited when a relative said she had one for me

...I mean REALLY? FOR MOI?? Gosh....THANKS!!


"OH, one of these dress forms...sure, I guess I'll still take her.

Yea, she's a little wobbly...I'm sure I can do something with her

.... I hope you don't mind if I change her up a bit."


And that is where this Cinderella story begins.

First, the purple fabric HAD. TO. GO.
...and a wheeled base had to be found. This green one had been the base of a very old, very space-aged looking hairdryer.

For the "cage"...what else, but a birdcage! This one was tall and cylindrical, I cut the top and bottom off with wire cutters...just a little muscle to bend it into an oval and it fit right onto her hips!

I removed each piece of the thick cardboard...

covered them individually in coffee sack burlap with hot glue... (Yes, I was reminded SEVERAL times why they call it HOT glue!! )

Then I re-attached each piece. It was very time consuming

but I felt there was a true beauty in there, just waiting to be discovered.

I painted that green wheeled base in oil rubbed bronze, slid on the birdcage and cinched it all together with a black ribbon.

Here is a view of her finished back.

To give her a little va-va-voom...I added a few quirky details like mini water faucet handles to accentuate positive :) ...and an old drawer pull hung at her hips.

This gal was going to be beautiful and useful!

Scarves can be displayed around her neck...

necklaces dangling from faucets

...belts at her waist

and sunglasses from the drawer pulls on her hips!

I topped her off with an old door knob.
and, just for fun, I gave her a crown.

This gal was becoming pretty I added a canvas patch that said "Queen of Tarte".

If only because it made me laugh.

I think she transformed herself quite regally, how about you??

** To the couple who purchased the Queen at last years JUNKFEST, I found the crown in my car after the show...she must have lost it in transit...if you want the crown, please email me and I can send it to you or I can hold it for you at the show in September.

I hope you are making good use out of her!!

Now you can see where she started from.

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  1. WOW!!!
    Will you come and do a makeover on my girls???


  2. LOL Who'd-a thunk it! I love it! And, it probably comes as no surprise, I actually have a purple dress form. Maybe some day she'll be a project, too.

  3. To my dressform was looking over my shoulder as I was reading about your very well-dressed girl. Needless to say, she now feels very NAKED. Poor girl.

  4. You are hilarious Missy!! I can just picture your dress form reading over your shoulder. Ha Ha

  5. LOVE this. I have a torso manequin as opposed to a dressmaker form that this will work PERFECTLY on. I'm thinking I'll try a tomato plant cage on it cuz I don't have a bird cage. I'll send you a pic when I'm done.


  6. Dear Lord...I have a purple one in my booth, the fabric is coming off! Janna

  7. she is amazing!!! Now I want to find an old dress maker form and make her over!

  8. LOL! Oh my goodness! Such a saucy, regal looking gal now! Love her! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  9. oooh. I'm inspired! I have some miniature french mannequins in my shop that I totally love. (Not sure if this will post .)102_4157.JPG

  10. creative! Just love how she turned out!

  11. Love how you transformed the Purple Maiden into a Regal Beauty! Now if I could just find a dress form - any dress form.... A quest - yes I must go on a quest!!!

  12. how insanely cute she is!!! i love the idea of the cage at the bottom...literally...and the green stand is amazing...oh those knobs...and the burlap is perfect....crowned and admired...she is the queen of altered perfection!!!!just love it!
    i had a friend that altered a dress form several years ago and used an old fence as a funky!!!
    thanks for sharing.

  13. She is the belle of the ball! What a wonderful project - definately a labor of love - and well worth it! I really adore the use of accessories, like her, um, knobs? and how they function in different ways. Too cute, too shabby, too classic! You never cease to amaze me! ~Leena~

  14. I just have my fingers crossed I win the trip to Junkfest! I totally have to meet you after this crazy makeover!

  15. wow! that turned out fabulous, however I am not sure if I have the patience but good for you!

  16. What a Hoot! Love it. You are so creative.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  17. love it! I found your blog by searching for a dress form! I need one to take pics of my jewelry! they are so hard to find!


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