Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tablescape #2 - Cassie's Table!

We are back today as we continue our Tablescape Series! As we mentioned in our previous post, Cassie, Lynette and Andrea participated in the Carrington Auxiliary Tablescapes last weekend. See Lynette's table HERE.


Up next is Cassie's table, entitled:

"Garden Party - Vintage Style!"

Her centerpiece was this large, lovely cloche atop a base made from old wood-stove legs attached to a round piece of wood. Under the springtime bulbs is a fabulous round grate. Gorgeous, huh?

A close-up surrounding the base of the centerpiece are some garden rocks, sprinkler nozzle heads and plants, fun, fun!

A few vintage photographs were tucked in here and there...

Even the chairs were spruced up! Love the vintage garden tool!

The fern leaves under the stoneware plates were a gorgeous touch! The white and green were simply stunning together.

The lucky ticket holders at her table received a special gift of flower bulbs!

Up Next will be Andrea's Table!

We'll be hanging out with Donna over at SNS 81.....join us?


  1. Fantastic photos. I'm surprised again and again what is possible. Very inspiring ... ;)

    Enjoy this week!

    Big hugs

  2. I love the garden tool hanging on back of the chair. Great pictures!

  3. Cassie,
    That is adroable. I am a great lover of cloches. The whole theme is just so 'springy'.
    Guess my invite got lost in the mail :-)
    smiles, alice

  4. Each one of you gals blow my mind with your amazing creativity, originality and ability to put in all together!!!! Love these tablescapes!

  5. Cassie Cassie Cassie!!! I love it!!! That cloche is GORGEOUSNESS!!! And your packages? AUGH! I'm drooling!

    I LOVE the garden tool on the chair!

    Dang - now I want to go clean the junk off my dining table and see what you can do to it!!!

    ;-D robelyn

    p.s. (again)... you would have to check my pockets on my way out... haHA!

  6. I love this clotch, so beautiful! Love the vintage garden tools too. You did a great vignette, so warm and it! I'm at this party too.


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