Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JunkFest Heroes

(JunkFest '09)

It's time to disembark from the roller coaster that is JunkFest and pay tribute to our friends and family who take this crazy ride with us! We had another incredible year, thanks to YOU! From getting down on your hands & knees to scrub something, running errands, hauling heavy objects, bringing us food (junk girls gotta eat!) helping customers, and knowing when a hug is needed......you help us realize our dream each and every year. For that....for YOU, we are amazed, humbled, and eternally grateful!

To our dear readers: thanks for your patience over the lack of posts.....we've been resting!

Stay tuned though....great pictures coming soon!


  1. Darn! So sorry to have missed it! I visited vicariously, though! In spirit. Yeah. I did. It's true.

    Rest up sweet junk girls! Next year is only ... ummm... add the one, carry the two...like 354 days away...


  2. Hi girls !

    Thanks for another great JF ! Had a great time, brought a veteran JF-er with, and a newbie. We really enjoyed the day! Thanks for all your hard, hard work, thanks for the cute things I purchased, and thanks for the event inspiration which got me blogging again ! Beth


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