Friday, January 11, 2013

My DIY Crate Wall Art


This is an oldie but a goodie, and I wanted to share it again for all our new followers!

My "created" crate still hangs by the kitchen table and is one of my favorite DIY projects ever! I first shared it with you in THIS POST.

I had this wood (?crate top?) hanging around for a few years waiting for some attention.

I decided to incorporate some family history with my project, so I did a little research to get accurate dates and such and here's what I ended up with...

"Miller's Spur" was a store my Great Grandfather and Great Aunt were involved in back in the day. The establish date is when the land of my home was purchased from the US....way back in the day! The number "5"....well, that's just a special number to me! :)

I started by playing in some photo editing programs trying different placements and fonts until I found a combination that worked.

Then I had Young One hold the wood piece up so I could be sure it would look ok in the intended spot. He was ever so delighted to help me. (notice he could not take his eyes off the TV)

I printed out the intended fonts and got to work planning to resize and graph them onto the wood piece.

This was in my "pre" projector days, so it took alot of time and WAY too much coffee!!!

Yes, I spend way too much time prepping and thinking. Perhaps this is my own personal productive procrastination.

Ahhh....the "5" is all graphed in chalk and ready to paint. That projector would have come in handy!


Once I had everything painted (some by graphing in chalk, and some were stenciled) I sanded the lettering to make it look aged.

I was thinking it needed something more....hmmm.

How about this old broom holder, a test tube, and some fresh flowers?


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