Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Junk-Fest countdown has begun!

Sit back, (okay, not the four of us!) close your eyes, (again, not us) and count to ten...well, alright, in this case count to THREE...Junk Fest will be here before you/we know it! Holy buckets, we've got LOTS of projects to finish up..!
Thought for the day:
One of life's mysteries is how a 2-pound box of
chocolates can make a woman gain 5 lbs...


  1. You're making me nervous and I'm not even coming! But, I am getting ready for Warrenton, with only 7 weekends left. And that is making me crazy! ~Mindy

  2. You were cracking me up in your emails today!!! Love the door, I want it! Well....I talked ther hubby into going with me to I27 Worlds Biggest Yardsale Sunday, it runs from Alabama to Ohio, we are going to hit the Tennessee part. Only 5 hours from home. You will have to check it out HGTV will be covering it! tootles, Janna

  3. Well I just added North Dakota to my wish list of junk huntin trips! Who knew!! Love the blog!

  4. Im counting down in my heart! I would give anything to get to be there.

    Next year perhaps!

    lol at the 2lb vs 5lbs!

  5. For me it's frozen hot chocolate. I keep wondering how a little packet can make me gain so much weight! LOL Wish I could be in ND for Junkfest. Are you going to Junk Bonanza? I will be there!

  6. This is SO SWEET!! Wish I had a little girl's room to put it in!


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