Friday, August 21, 2009

Numbers, jewelry, and a junk story...

Man, I love blogland! It's the best thing ever since the whole junk craze entered my life! Finding new blogs has been very addicting, and reading these junk blogs makes me feel like I've known you all for YEARS! It's great! For example, I actually think Sweet Melissa on this site first found Artsy-Fartsy girl, Janna, and told the other three of us how hilarious she is...and we love the junk she finds. You have no idea how many times I've laughed outloud reading her blog at my desk at work. Oops, did I just say that?

So, while reading her blog a couple weeks ago at home (wink) I see she has these metal numbers for sale...I love numbers and knew I had to have them. I mean, seriously, the 1 & 4 will be adorable on my mantel in February for Valentine's Day. Hello! Cute! OR just the 4 on the 4th of July! Hello! Cute!Then the next day I see this necklace she posted and loved it! So, I emailed her and was mine! Hello! Cute! So, she sends the great metal numbers to me today, along with the necklace and inside the package is an added bonus: this spoon with JUNK GIRL on it! My blog name! Hello! Cute!
The two charms I already had and I think the three go together well. It's SO me! How did she know?! Please check out her blog by clicking here: The girl has me in stitches daily with her great humor/stories, and she will you, too. So, today I thought I'd tell you a "funny" story myself, and it just happens to be junk related.

A couple years ago a house in town was being torn down, and word on the street was they were selling everything in it - doors, windows, woodwork, etc. The guy at the house asks me if I am looking for anything in particular and I ask if there were any old cupboards. He tells me there are some, down in the basement. Well, I proceed to follow him down in this dark, damp, smelly basement to find the cupboards were ugly and not at all what I wanted. So, I follow him back upstairs and leave. A few days later I find out the guy is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. Oh, nice one! Just dandy. You have to understand: 1) this would only happen to me, and 2) don't tell my husband because he has no idea I was an IDIOT and went in a basement alone with a complete stranger. After the horrific discovery, I unfortunately made the mistake of blurting it to my lovely co-workers who understandably have never let me live it down to this day. No, I wasn't attacked and thank God I evidently wasn't interesting prey. They tell me I would have gone down in that basement even if I had known, since they are aware I have gone to great lengths for junk. Uh, NO!!

Hey, if you've got a great/fun/inspiring or disturbing story (like mine) to tell, please leave a comment. After all, we could all use a good laugh!


  1. How about waiting hours in the rain? Or hiking through woods, on junk piles, and even over glass...with flip-flops on? Or loading a truck with auction purchases wearing a dress? Oh, the stories...


  2. hi, no you're not alone on the basement thing, stuff like that happens to me all the time & i think only me, well, it's nice to know someone else out there can hold their own with a pervert :) love your blog & jannas a riot & so talented, one of the best blogs,present company include LOL, come on over & say hi, isn't blogging grand :) gio

  3. How about checking out an abandon place by climbing through a window. Muddy out, having to cross a creek to which I fell in up to my shoulders! Lost a flip flop and had to get through a corn field barefoot! That is my life!!! Made for good laughs though!! You are not alone my junking friend.

  4. Artsy Fartsy finds some good stuff! Love your Junk Girl pendant!

    Yeah, just so you know I won't be sharing your basement story with my husband anytime soon. ;) As far as a junk story, I'm airing out my leased vehicle nearing it's end right now. It's been loaded with musty old books for three days. It gets turned in on Tuesday and I suspect the dealership may try to bill me for the "vintage" odor we all know so well. Curious how much my "free" books will end up costing me in the end. lol.

  5. What a fun post! Jana is pretty cool and has an interesting blog too.
    Scary about your story with the cupboards and the pervert. Thank goodness you didn't entice him. That would not of been worth it at all.

  6. Girl, glad you loved all your goodies!!! Thanks for the shout out!! You know us junk lovers will go anywhere, you took it to the limit with that one!! Hehehhee, Have a great night, I am sure I will talk with ya tomorrow! Tootles, Janna

  7. JG
    Love your finds from Janna. I will have to spend some time over at her site....FUN. I'm counting the soon.

  8. Love your numbers! Love your jewelry! Fun post!

  9. I see you are very funny person. But be careful go with strangers to the basements. I liked the items you showed here. Continue with funny stories, good luck and thanks for the post!


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