Monday, August 16, 2010

Gorilla Glue Party and a GiveAway over at DIY!

I wanted to share some FUN news with you about a party event taking place next month.

It is a Gorilla Glue Party event and it will take place Sept 9th through Sept 30th over at the

This is an additional event, a Special Event, (their regular monthly party will still take place). If you have not visited the DIY Club, you should check it out. They have awesome give-a-ways for their monthly competition (this month was a $500 gift package).

The theme of their GORILLA GLUE party is:

Something OLD

Something NEW

Grab the CREW

(Yah, get the family involved)


Head over to the 6 DIY Club gals blogs, you can enter to win a Gorilla Glue gift box, full of products Plus they will give you all the details of this fun party event.


  1. I'm afraid of gorilla's gluing. What if they glue something together they shouldn't? You are a brave lot letting primates play with glue in your house.

  2. It's going to be a fun event! Can't wait to see all the projects!


  3. I never heard of the DIYClub, I'm heading there now. Thanks for letting us know.


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