Monday, May 23, 2011

Romance in Photos...Your Votes are Needed

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There's just nothing more romantic than a young couple in love.

(I know this because I see it often in my son and his wonderful bride-to-be!)

I recently got an email from a VERY proud Mom of a local hometown sweetheart who is also engaged to be married.

(Mom images)

Their names are Allison and Luke, and their story is very sweet and very genuine. As young as they are, they've both endured their share of challenge and heartache. And yet they endure, and their bond is strong because of it.

To top off the excitement of a wedding, this couple has been chosen as finalists in a wedding photography package! Time is short, and they need your VOTES to win this package!!

(Mom images)

Check out the contest and finalists at Katie Lewis Photography, inc. The photography on this site is absolutely stunning. I think I drooled while perusing the site.

(Google images)

And don't forget to VOTE!! for Allison and Luke!!!

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  1. I'll do it right now! Hope your Memorial Day weekend is great!


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