Monday, November 21, 2011

Before and After, Dining Table Delight

It's hard to pass up a good ole chunk of wood furniture like this at a garage sale!

 The chairs have such sweet detail.  (and yes, scratches count as detail too)

The drop leaves make this table perfect for every occasion. 

Unfortunately, a previous "very" over-zealous varnish job required paint stripper and lots of sanding.

Ahhh...the chairs are looking much better!  And might I say, would look good with either fabric on the seats.

Hey, those legs don't look too shabby!

I mean they look fab shabby. 

I mean...I SHABBIED the legs!

And several coats of durable poly later...



Met Monday


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  2. WOW Very nice work! Such a transformation!

  3. Fabulous transformation! Really like the combination of the white with the dark top! The seat covers look interesting!

  4. What a great transformation. I know that it was a lot of work but worth it. I especially like the preserved natural top.

  5. How clever and certainly a great redo. I love the fact that you kept the top wood.

  6. Wow! I have the identical table and chairs--can you believe it?! The table especially looks great with the two tone. What a projec to undertake! I'm following you now; I hope you'll visit me and consider following back!


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