Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Winter!

According to the calendar, winter is here! The Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, and the shopping and decorating are well under way for many. How about you? Have you started?

I'm s l o w l y getting there. Had to have a little chat with myself about my Christmas decorations.....not buying anything new this year. It's so tempting. There's always something new and shiny that catches my eye! I'm easily distracted like that. So, I reluctantly agreed with me. Nothing. new. this. year.

But then.....I saw it. It may not have been shiny, but it caught my eye.

It's not very big. And didn't cost very much. So I broke my own agreement.

Can you tell what it is?

All fluffy and white....just like our ND winters....

No. That's our dog Mollie. That's not it.

This is it! An adorable little feathery white tree! Table top size.....can you see it in a white iron urn? With some white lights, and maybe some silvery or frosty ornaments? Which I won't have to buy because I already have some!

Ok, I caved. But for $2.49, I HAD to buy it. It's just what I needed to get myself going....just in time for winter!

Tell me, do you buy something new each year? Do you stick with a theme for Christmas decor? Are you traditional? Rustic? Junky? Do tell~


  1. Last year I decided to not use the all the old funky decorations on the tree and did all gold balls and gold ribbon and big gold flowers. I love it. I also have a white tree with vintage ornaments and a kitchen tree with all kitchen ornaments. But....I have decided this is the last year for all the stuff... next year only some of the stuff comes out. Have fun with your white tree!

  2. Great price! I really like your tree and am very tempted to look for one myself. I'm not in the mood for our large green tree this year. A small white one would be so fun and festive.

  3. My theory is that if you're not nice to winter it will just go away.

  4. Well, for $2.49 - how could you NOT break your agreement? lol! That is so cute! I'm into Jeanne d'Arc decor this year. It's calm, serene, rustic, and very simple. I'm absolutely loving it! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. I know how this must have called to you...last year I got a white feather tree and can't bear to put it away after Christmas so I keep it up all year long with its white lights and green/blue bottles and ornaments surrounding it...


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