Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dollar Store candles and Thrift store sheet music can personalize a Wedding!

Cassie and I had the opportunity to work on a few personal touches for a wedding,
 so I thought I would continue with some wedding decor ideas.
(Check out the "Celebrate" beverage tub from the previous post.)

I had used Dollar Store candles just like these
 for the Junior /Senior Banquet at the High School.

I printed "Class of 2013" on translucent vellum paper..

and wrapped the paper around each candle...
securing it with one strip of double sided tape
that I ran from top to bottom.

Sorry I don't have a picture of the candles lit,
they do glow nicely through the vellum paper.

For the school, it was an affordable and "easy to create" option.

When a friend approached me about adding some "JunkFest magic" to her sisters' wedding, I thought of these candles again.
The sky really is the limit on something like this:
 a photo can be printed on the vellum,
 a wedding date, a poem, a monogram, etc...

I wanted to give these wedding candles a handcrafted quality, incorporate something personal for the bride and groom
 and add a little vintage sparkle.

**tip: I found that the tracing paper I had on hand gave
 the lit candles the same glow as vellum paper.

The brides colors were dark brown and pink.
I used a "script/handwriting" rubber stamp
 and brown ink to decorate the tracing paper.

Then wrapped the papers around each candle.

The bride and groom were music lovers and their theme
was "All you need is Love".

I printed the "All you need is Love" sheet music
 on pale pink paper and cut it in strips.
Those strips would be layered over some brown ribbon.

Then the fun part came as I could dig through my jars
 of vintage buttons and old jewelry...
looking for pretty bits to embellish the candles.

I just attached them with hot glue.


Here is my favorite one setting on her table.

*These finished candles have a completely different vibe
 than the ones I made for the school banquet...
but they were still so affordable and easy to create!

While I was working on candles, Cassie
was creating a fun table skirt out of thrift store sheet music.
You can see where she added a little glittery sparkle here and there and used a decorative edge punch to add
 some interesting detail.

After laying the music sheets out in a pattern she liked,
 and securing them with glue, she then glued
 a brown ribbon to the top....

so we could wrap it around the top edge of the table.
This is the table that would hold the guest book.

Cassie also made a sheet music table runner for the cake table.

I thought the vintage sheet music,
 the hand stamped script on the candles
 and the vintage buttons and bits really worked well together and added a nice quality to the wedding decor.

I can only imagine the THOUSANDS of ways that these dollar store candles could be embellished...
(yes, they are only $1.00 each!)
and they would look pretty at so many events:
bridal showers, birthday parties, a romantic Valentine's Day meal...
Please send us pictures if you add some of your own "magic" to them,
We would LOVE to see them!!

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  1. we are currently working on my daughters wedding plans, I love these ideas!!

  2. These glass candles are one of my best kept secrets..till now...he,he, he....I did some for Christmas and V day but I like yours way better! LOVE the table skirt!!!!! ;)

  3. I love how the candles turned out. They looks so pretty and I bet the looked really nice lit up.

  4. Oh these candles are sooo cool! Vintage music sheets, handwriting and typography are so hot right now. I love this idea!

  5. Wow! These are awesome! I never would have thought those ugly candle holders could look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a great post!


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