Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it SPRING yet?

Oh, I just HAD to ask, but yes I know the answer. Even though winter wants to keep on rolling outside I think it's time to spring things up inside the house. Yeah, you betcha!! I've always loved this birdhouse. The nest is a real wren nest made out of horse sweet! And the eggs are just a couple I found in the yard at some point. The "to die for" corner cabinet is in my bathroom and just couldn't be more perfect. I got it from a dear friend, yes Cassie, you have a great eye for vintage treasures. (the inside display needs some tweaking, perhaps my junk sisters need to pay me a visit...wink, wink)


  1. Wow! That cabinet looks great in your powder room! Can I have it back? Very sweet birdhouse! Hurry up Spring!

  2. Hey- the cabinet would look better in my house...ha! Seriously, it looks like a built-in - it's PERFECT there!

    Can I buy that statue looking thing from you?

  3. Your birdhouse and little nest are absolutely sweet! Did you make the house?

    And that cabinet! It certainly is "to die for!" You girls have such a gift!

    Happy Monday, Miss!


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