Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Repurpose/Reuse/Recyle...Junk Girl style!

While antiquing in Bozeman, Montana last week on vacation, I found this perfectly rusted croquet set on cute little wheels that was sturdy as heck. My first thought was the frame would be adorable at Christmas with a pretty wreath on it as a "welcome" in my back entry. I've got a couple floor-standing wreath holders, but this would be a unique one, don't ya think?

But wait!! Since Christmas is months away, I couldn't bare to leave it sitting idle. So, I filled a clear glass cylinder vase with hydrangeas purchased some time ago, slid it in where the balls would go, (can you believe the vase fit perfectly!), threw on a garden seed embroidered towel for some color and filled a decorative sash with sunflower seeds. I've got quite a collection of old flash cards and picked a couple that go perfectly with this spring/summer theme...

Here it is in my back entry...

Or, is it cuter hanging on the door as a welcome?

Hey, it just hit me!...this would be cuter than crap in my half bath as a magazine holder...gotta go see how that would look...signing off for now! Happy Junking!


  1. Great find Andrea! Love it on your door!

  2. ooooh thats a good old one! Great repurposing idea:) jojo

  3. Cuter than crap, indeed! This is GREAT! Even I could do this...maybe! he he he ~Mindy

  4. Really cool idea. I have a set like this somewhere. What are you doing with the mallets?

  5. Cuter than crap - I'd say it's stinkin' cute! (that's the word my friends and I use...us junkers have such "colorful" language, don't we??) OK - let's see what it looks like in the bathroom too!!! Love it - what a great find! (It looks like it's going to be a very versatile decorating accessory!) :)

  6. Hi Ladies!

    Don't ya just love it when we can come up with so many different ways to "repurpose" an object! now that is "true revamping"!

    Have a beautiful & creative week! xo....deb

  7. I do love your new find! Can't wait to see it used in the 102 ways you will come up with!

  8. Hi Andrea,
    thanks for visiting my cottage.You gals are super creative! Love the croquet carrier!
    I have a sale every june called the "Field Fest":)


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