Sunday, March 1, 2009


Any true junker knows how much fun it is decorating with junk. But junk isn't REALLY junk, you know? It's the cool, quirky, vintage, rusty, aged, fun, antiqued, get your heart racing, great patina, unusual, old, can't-live-without fabulous stuff I'm talking about!

When I was introduced to this new phenomenon known as junk style a few years ago, I found it was even more fun then ever to decorate by incorporating junky items into the mix. A couple special places that get a lot of attention are the two mantels we have in our home. The dining room fireplace surround was built by me and a friend almost ten years ago and is just for "looks". The whole truth is it's been painted and repainted at least a dozen times. (Yes, a girl has every right to change her mind and her husband better just get over it - ha!) Thought I'd share some of my ideas so you can see how easy it is to throw in a great piece (or two) of junk...I can't name a favorite season anymore, nor my favorite piece of junk!

I was told this piece was from an old gate. All I know is it's cool and rusty, just how I like it! For some reason the only place it looks good is on the dining room mantel...

Here's an Autumn set-up on our family room mantel...and boy, notice how the rusty junk really looks great with all the fall colors!

Here's one of my favorite "winter" scenes - this year's...just plain and simple...hopefully it'll be time to take it down SOON!
So, there you have version of junkin' it up with the good stuff! For me, it's an addiction I don't intend to cure!


  1. Love the have a way of displaying all your the arrangement on the mantel. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Regina

  2. Oooooh! You know I've always drooled over your fireplace mantles! They look just as fabulous in photos! And I love your new cloche! Do I smell a new collectible? Great job Andrea!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of junk! I go t o the Goodwill, Thrift shops, flea markets and yard sales!!!! it's a birth defect.

  4. Great mantles. Great design style.

  5. Andrea, your mantels always look soooo nice any time I'm at your place!! I hope you'll stop over and "junk" mine when it's finished!

  6. I absolutely love everything in this post. My favorite thing to do is to find old things and decorate with it! Looks great!

  7. Love those mantles!!!! The Winter scene is pretty cool I have to agree with you... The rusty scales are great I try to get every set I come across. The rustier the better, right?? Just got our power back on, our little winter storm caused us to be without up until a bit ago. Posting pics now to the blog, have a great night, tootles, Janna

  8. I love the junk gate and the old worn door. The beauty of junk is it's perfect for any season. Happy junking!jojo


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