Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five, Six, Pick up Sticks,

Bring the outdoors in...and appreciate it for it's natural beauty and random character. No two branches alike!

Here is an "indoor" tree featured at JunkFest 2010. (Bar post coming soon!) I wish I had more pictures of this tree. Cassie made it and it was SO awesome...the picture really doesn't show it's true character.

Aren't those girls isn't that tree beautiful?!

I'm almost embarrassed to show you this pic...keep in mind this is my living room from almost 15 years ago!! OMG, I'm so glad my tastes have changed! But I wanted to share my curtain rod with you...pretty cool, huh. That cool branch would still fit my decor, just with a different mix of accents. I don't have a window for it now, as this wall is now the opening to my "other" house. (That story, and it's a long one, coming ... well, some day!)

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  1. Love the ingenuity of this progect. I hung a quilt behind our bed instead of a headboard. Right now it is on a curtain rod and it just doesn't look right. I was thinking about using a branch. Thanks for sharing... I might be brave enough to try it now... well maybe :)

  2. Ohhh... that indoor twig tree is so pretty! I could totally see that in my place illuminating a dark corner. The curtain rod is pretty cool too!


  3. Lovin that indoor tree... been working on something like it for my new dining area. I laughed out loud thinking about posting photos of my living spaces 15-20 years ago!

  4. love both... I think I need a twig tree for my porch this season. :0)

  5. Love the indoor tree, hope you girls are doing great! Hugs, Janna

  6. I like Hilary's idea, that twig tree would look amazing on the front porch for the holidays! I may use the branch idea for a window, I'll let you know if I do.


  7. The indoor tree looks great! I would bet that it's pretty happy in its new home.

    Love your decorating skills, Sweet Melissa...fifteen years ago AND right now! You are so creative!

  8. Who took the first 2 pictures?

  9. Anonymous, the first picture was taken compliments of my neice and sister. The second picture (of the JunkFest Girls) was taken by a local am. photogragrapher and purchased by JunkFest. Her name is Jennifer Hagemeister and I'd love for her to e-mail me her business info so I can give her a "shout out" for her photography!! ;)



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