Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shedding some light...

Know what this is? It's an auger guard from some old farm machinery...or something. I picked this up, along with a ton of other amazing treasures at a top-secret junker's haven.

After turning it around, upside down, flipping it over, and turning it some more...I decided it would look cool hanging on a wall with a little candle-light behind it. But in it's current state, there were some obstacles in getting it to sit flush against a wall. See what I mean?

No problem. I'm a junk girl, I can fix that.....I'll just take those bolts off.

Okay, maybe not....did you notice that rust? Gonna have to break out the big dog for this project...

Okay, Donna, this next shot is for you! Any of you Funky Junk Interiors followers will remember Donna's post on taking great pictures with a simple point 'n shoot camera. Her subject? Bolts! It's worth the read...great tips, and it's funny! Click here to check it out.

After cutting the rusty bolts off with my angle grinder, I flipped the metal bracket-y piece over and bolted it on with some sparkly new bolts. I'm okay with them not being rusty because they'll be on the back side. Normally, I like my rusty finishes to match...kind of.

I used picture hanging wire to hang it, and tucked a glass votive with a tea light behind the cage.
It's flush against the wall, so the votive can't slip out. Think I'll stick to tea lights to avoid dripping wax.

Here she is...

How cool is that?
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  1. I'm swooning! That is soooo cool! I might have to go raid grandpa's barn and see what I can find.

  2. I love this. I need this. Please send this to me post haste.

  3. I am SO loving this, Cassie! Why didn't I see it first?!


  4. How cool is that? I'd say way cool! Makes a great and unique candle wall sconce and will be a great conversation piece! Secret junk haven, eh? I need to find myself one of those around here =:) ~Leena~

  5. Oh man, Cassie!!! Uber cool! LOVE the pics, too!

    Do you or your JunkSisters ever create duds? Seriously? I mean, I definitely do not wish a dud upon you...but me? I have basket- and tubfuls of duds. Like..."that certainly looked better in my head..." sort of duds.

    Blog fodder for a rainy day?

  6. LOL!! Admit it. The bolt thing awakened senses you didn't know you had! :)

    Seriously... I'm in extreme junk ENVY at this very moment! I'm adoring this thing, whatever it is! WANT. BAD. I LOVE it just as you've displayed. A marriage meant to be I say.


  7. Wow... you picked the perfect job for this awesome piece. Lovely work with the bracket-y things too. :) Exquisite taste in blog backgrounds too! ;)

  8. LOVE it! That is REALLY cool! Excellent find!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  9. I'm in love, i'm in love and I don't care who knows it! I'll be keeping an eye out for something similarly fantastic to make my own!

  10. That is AWESOME! I love what you did with it! Excellent job!

  11. THAT is super cool! Love the way you used it:)


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