Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Inspiration from a Junk Sister and a vintage tin

Our girl Cassie did such a beautiful job re-vamping her craft room...
(Seriously!! scroll down if you haven't seen it!)
She carved out a great space for herself,
she did it her way!
...and we all know that there will be lots of

cottage-y, funky, fabulous-ness coming out of there in no time!

It got me to open my eyes & take a good look at my creative space...
(and, at this stage, I use the term "creative" very loosely)
My space is the one I tend to shut the door on...OFTEN.

Life as a junk girl is not always pretty!!
But, I am going to follow Cassie's lead..and bare. my. soul.

I am cringing! Welcome to the "armpit" of my house:

It has no windows, and it's kind of dark.
The green was picked out by a little girl I used to know
(she is 17 now)...and I am just not lovin it.

I wonder why I feel claustrophobic in there!?!
Between the twin bed, all my junk/stuff/treasures,
and the hodge-podge of furniture
trying to corral them,
the walls just start to close in on a girl.

It is a very UN-INSPIRING 9' x 14' junky mess. UGH.
Such a waste of a room.

There is no doubt that I need to re-think the way I am trying to store things:
One wall of floor to ceiling storage would probably make more sense
than this old dresser with a door on top.

Look at all of that wasted storage space on the upper part of the wall.

...and I don't even want to talk about this corner. Lots of purging to be done here.
Look at that crazy mix of furniture
..old desk, wire cubby, handmade wall unit, ...it's just not working for me,
actually, i think it is working against me!!
It's hard to stay focused in there, there is just too much going on.

Cassie...thanks for opening my eyes!
Your room has lots of room to breathe and think ...and create.

...and I want one too!

I've been thinking about what I need and what I want my room to be.
I need it to be functional with lots of easy to manage storage.
I want it to be fun & graphic....with a touch of junky goodness,
a sprinkling of industrial flavor...and a vibe that draws. me. in.

I found this old tin at a Flea Market

I L.O.V.E. the color story of this old tin.
(I am not fond of "gold" in my home furnishings, so
I'm going to call it a golden "caramel" with robins egg blue.)
To me, these are fresh & happy colors.
I love how they pop against the white flowers.
I love the unexpected masculine lion head, ...but overall, it's still pretty.
The tin is metal & industrial but the flowers soften it up...
I love the contrast.
I think this will be my inspiration for the room.

Time to roll up my sleeves & get busy.
First on the list: purging!
Second: a large rug to hide the yucky checkerboard floor of despair!

I'm just not feeling it like I was 20 years ago :l

A rug will make it cozier anyway.

Fresh White/off white walls will brighten it up..
Touches of robins egg blue...
Touches of caramel...

Some industrial junk to bring in a little masculine vibe
and some fabrics to add some girly comfort.

I have an idea for a large shelving unit
To get this accomplished, I want to "use what i got".
Well, what I got is a LOT of old doors...and I mean A LOT OF OLD DOORS!
If I mix them with some plumbing pipe, I may just be able to
get it done "on time & under budget" ;)

And a work table is in order, that is for sure.

I may add a touch of these, just for fun:
I love peacock feathers.

and a pinch of this:

cause I want to bring in only things I LOVE.
(....so that I will LOVE going in there!)

So, wish me luck.... I have a box of empty trash bags and I'm going in!
You will be the first to know when it is finished!


  1. Good luck! Though I sure you'll make a fabulous job :o)
    Love the tin too...

  2. It sounds like you really have a plan. I'm sure with your "junkanality" it will turn out adorable. Looking forward to seeing your created CREATIVE space.

  3. Have fun, Lynette! I'm sure it'll turn out fabulous!

  4. Love the old tin too, such a beautiful life for it.

  5. I couldn't read past the 'armpit' statement. Then I just sat her giggling. Good luck!

  6. Lynette, honey, you've got nothing on me. Where's your collection of exercise balls? Or button-less pants from 2006? You'll have your space whipped into shape in no time! Can't wait to see the results!

  7. well at least you have a room, i have to share all my storage and crafting with the laundry room. it does have 2 windows and a skylite tho but i really need to par down. my husband called me a horder until he actually watched the show. he had to appologize ha ha. good luck i know it will be amazing when you are done ;)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Cassie,... I found an unopened bottle of champagne in there! I wonder how many New Year's Eves it sat in that dark room waiting to get invited to the party!! HA

    Does it go bad?? Maybe I'll have a little celebratory drink when that room gets finished.

  10. I want an inspiring project room too!!! Right now I use my dining room table...try to hide that! :) Good luck with your redo...can't wait to see what you come up with...old doors and plumbing pipes...sounds amazing!!! Laurel


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