Friday, January 27, 2012

This Bathing Beauty has great legs!

This vintage bathtub didn't start out nearly as cute.
Actually, for quite a while, I wondered why I had even purchased her.
She had a unique shape...she was an interesting find...
but she was just so plain!
I had no idea what I could do to bring out her inner beauty....
She definitely needed some help!
See what I mean!?

There was a thick, sloppy coat of white paint on the exterior.
I scraped off a bit to see what kind of metal I was actually dealing with.
I figured that raw metal would be much more appealing
than gloppy white paint, so the stripping began.
I not only got a good workout, and I mean a fabulous workout,
(..that paint was industrial strength!!)
but I got a speck of remover in my wear those goggles girls!!!
I certainly learned my lesson.

I cleaned and sanded the interior, sealed the seams
and gave it a fresh coat of white paint....

But she still needed something....
hmmm...she definitely was not a claw foot tub...but
maybe claw foot legs would do the trick.

Oh Yeah!
This was a case where the raw metal & the legs made all of the difference!
Now she's got some style...some patina even!
...and the legs made her one of a kind.
I love her now.

Here she is displayed at JunkFest, where she was sold.
I have no idea what her new owner decided to use her for.

I could picture her in a garden filled with flowers.
...or wouldn't she make a fabulous prop in a store window?

Or maybe she was purchased to hold ice and bottles of wine
or champagne at a junk-styled wedding!, wouldn't that be awesome!?


  1. Or maybe just sit and stare at her and her gorgeous gams! Great job!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. She does have great legs. And I'd love to put my not so great ones inside of her bubble bath filled ... ummm.... innards... !!!!


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