Sunday, January 8, 2012

A year and a "hack" later....

Back in January 2011, I bared my soul with you all in this post about my sewing room....vowing to get things in order and show you the "after."

Here's a shot of the "before" to help jog your memory. If you're not too afraid, I suggest you go back and read the original post.
One year later, and a really cheap PB hack, here's how the room looks today:
I knew I needed some better storage solutions to hold the necessities for all the hobbies I keep diving into: sewing, quilting, paper crafts, etc. After doing the research, I decided the Martha Stewart craft room furniture from the Home Decorators catalog would fit the bill. While waiting for the (un-assembled) furniture to arrive, I painted the room a warm tan. With the shutters closed, and at different times of the day, the color appears a little more fleshy than it actually is.

I am proud to report that I put each and every piece of this furniture together BY MYSELF, thankyouverymuch. The instructions were very easy to follow and I'm quite happy with the storage each cabinet provides.

I built a shelf from a simple board and wooden brackets and painted it white. My intent was to run a dowel through a hole drilled in each bracket to hold spools of ribbon, but the weight of 40 spools of ribbon made the dowel sag in the middle! So the ribbon is now neatly stacked on the shelf, which works just as well.

Below is the desk I made using some unique old table legs found at an auction, and an old 5 panel door.
A comfortable place to blog and surf...
Wire baskets hold future projects and past issues of magazines that I can't part with.
My little sewing corner. I can pull the sewing cabinet out and extend the table for more room.
Or sit and smile at the sweet baby face of someone dear...
The cabinets on the other side serve as storage for sewing supplies (fabric, serger, etc.) and my cutting table.
Thrift store frames painted black house graphic black & white scrapbooking paper for a wall collage.
Here's where the hack comes in. Both Ballard Designs & Pottery Barn sell bulletin boards covered in burlap. I found just the size of bulletin board I needed at the 2nd hand store for two bucks. I had the burlap on hand from another project, so all I needed were the upholstery tacks.
All I did was remove the wooden frame from the cork board,
and cover in ivory colored burlap, staple the back side and glue on a picture hanger.
Twenty minutes and $4 later.....

Below my cutting table are a couple of vintage suitcases that hold quilting patterns and magazines.
In the corner sits a chair that my husband used as a child. On the chair is a pillow crafted by my mother that depicts my childhood home.
Hand stitching, applique and embroidery give the pillow dimension. I love this!
The entry to my sewing room. The cabinet is very special to me as well, and holds some prized heirlooms.
The cabinet was once my grandfather's and refinished by my mom. The sewing machine on top came from Norway in 1880 with my husband's ancestors.
Old photos of my parents and vintage McCoy pottery that holds fabric, notions and other vintage trinkets:
Vintage quilts sewn by both mine and my husband's grandmothers:
My goal was to get this room done in 2011, and in all actuality, I did. Just needed to tweak some things here and there. I'm happy with how the room came together and I finally enjoy spending time here creating.
Thanks for your patience! Had I not posted "the ugly truth" I would never had finished it!
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  1. I want that desk. I want that desk. I want that desk. :D

    What a re-do! The whole room looks just gorgeous.

  2. I certainly see how you will find inspiration in this wonderfully calming room~~~ Many great ideas.........Thanks for sharing! Faye

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and I am very impressed that you put the furniture together by yourself! I would of thrown my hands in the air!

    Hugs to you ~Annie

  4. Nothing like a post to keep us honest and accountable! The result is wonderful--usable and looks fab.

  5. Fantastic transformation. I'm really impressed that you put all that together by your lonesome. I'm just not that handy.
    P.S. I just got her catalog and goodgosharover...there are some cool stuff in those pages.

  6. I have the same furniture in the green and love it!!!! Your room looks great and I see you getting a lot done!!! I just love to sit in my room a and enjoy the beauty!!

  7. Your room looks great Cassie! Can't wait to see what fabulously creative items come out of there!

    ... & I see the adorable TJ Maxx chair has found a comfy home also :)

  8. Im your newest follower. I found you on Junkmarket Style. I made the garden gate valance... I like your contributions too!
    Thanks for your nice comments
    Susan @

  9. Hi Cassie, What a wonderful job you did on your craft room. It's beautiful. You should see mine, LOL Thanks so much for sharing, I just might pick up some ideas from you. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. Wow... That was quite the project...

    It looks absolutely amazing...

    I particularly like the desk you made... that is so cool!!!

  11. Oh my it's beautiful. I want a room like that...I just need the 21 year old to move out:)) Love the board..great idea!

  12. I love that room! Can I have it? LOL

  13. Looks great Cassie!!! Have fun in your new space :) Laurel

  14. Umm...MAJOR before and after! Beautiful! So, are you good about keeping it cleaner now that you have all of this awesome organizational stuff?


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