Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, junk sister Lynette!

Help us wish our junk sister, Lynette, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! When she's not delivering mail...or taking care of her family, odds are she can be found JUNKIN'!
That's the birthday girl on the right, and Missy on the left on one of our many junk excursions...that's right, she's usually got a smile on her face!
During this outing, Lynette was happy to find a purchase for her house... woohoo!
And, in the process, met up with our new junkin' friend, Gretchen, and found more fun stuff!CHEERS to you, our fellow junk sister! We hope you celebrated in style TODAY!
We love ya!


  1. Happy, happy, happy birthday Lynette....have a wonderful junk-filled, year! Love ya!

  2. I'd say a little birthday gathering is in order...soon!

  3. Happy belated birthday Lynette. I just love you gals and hope this one of the four had a very special birthday yesterday. I wasn't on the computer surfing the blogs at all, so sorry I didn't get this greeting to you on time.
    Take care, blessings to you and may you have many, many more years of Junking fun.

  4. Happy Birthday Lynette! ~Mindy

  5. AW shucks you guys...I'm tearing up over here!... But maybe that's just because I'm a year older!! Yikes! Time sure flies when you are hunting for the good junk.

    We will definitely get together to celebrate all of our fall birthdays soon, Missy. Thanks for the good wishes everyone! Lynette

  6. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you, Lynette!!!

  7. You ladies are having so much fun, I can see it in your smiles and it is great how you are giving brilliant new life to sad old stuff. That is recycling at its finest.
    Glad to "meet" you.


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