Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Nod to Nature

I'm not one to have a Christmas tree in every room of my house, but a recent find at a thrift store, and an earlier find/gift for my hunter husband prompted some "thinking" while pulling out the seasonal decor this past week. You know what happens when one gets to thinking, don't you?

I've had a small rustic/primitive tree for several years....sometimes I use it, sometimes I don't.
Earlier this summer, while visiting a local junker/picker/seller I found this wooden crate with metal reinforced sides. Both ends say "Bowman" and have some numbers on them. Since my husband is an avid bow hunter (perhaps you've heard me refer to him as the Great White Hunter?) I thought this would be something right up his alley. Just so happens my little primitive tree fits quite nicely inside.

I threw in an old broken feather wreath to help fill the crate.

Since hubs was out hunting (muzzleloader season) I snuck out to his stash of antlers and grabbed a few for the tree. Can you see 'em?

Throw in a couple of pinecone ornaments & berry sprigs.....

Add some vintage postcard looking ornaments and some faux fowl feathers (say that three times fast after a round of egg nog!)

And here's the tree, with a nod to nature and the G.W.H!

Oh yeah, the thrift store find....almost forgot to show you! You've seen lots of sweater-turned-pillow transformations....here's mine! The colors were perfect for the den (a.k.a. "dead animal room"). It's the only room in the house where he's allowed to hang his...well, dead animals. Not to worry....I won't be showing you any pics of the critters.....don't want to creep anyone out!

Oops! Yes, that is an animal hide on the chair above....it's hiding a rip in the chair seat. It is good for something!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kitchen Light Switcheroo

I told you. You didn't believe me, did you? I told you I was working on my kitchen light post...yes, I know I've promised a few other posts too. When I "get my act together" I'll get them to you. (please don't hold your breath until then!)

Here's the light we put in when we remodeled. Cute as a button...but gives off very little light. ***One of my remodeling mistakes...picking the sweetest, most adorable light fixtures...and finding out later that none of them give off much light! Uhg.

O.M.G. Yes, that is a FLY sitting (and no doubtedly pooping) on my light! SHOO fly!

So I picked up a pendant kit at Lowes. I know Mr. Sweet Man-O-Mine can handle this.

But then I questioned whether I did the right thing. I picked up the brushed nickel finish because I thought it would match the "new" old shade....but....it really doesn't match my earth tone kitchen with aged brass hardware.

So I pondered. To spray or not to spray? Aged copper or textured bronze?

I hate decisions.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! I almost forgot about this sweet little antique light fixture I grabbed at an antique store recently.

It's so darn cute I just want to lick it.

Ok. That was a bit of an exaggeration.

Are you ready to see the shade? The JunkFest Girls and I each fondled inspected this ?minnow trap? section while at a super secret junk haven recently. I snatched it up for a mere $3.

The spray paint can shows you how BIG it is. See?

One little issue was getting the light fixture secured in the "new" old shade. I use a metal cone shaped thingy from a cream separator thingy and wired it to stay. Forgot to snap pics at that point cause I was so danged excited to get er done!

The brushed nickel of the ceiling portion is completely hidden by the antique light fixture. All I had to do was string it through.

Uhm. Who's turn was it to do the dishes???? Darn kids.

I absolutely adore my "new" old kitchen light! I think it's safe to say it's my favorite light in the entire house. Look at the fabulous shadowing it throws at the ceiling...SaWeet!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ironstone Collection in White

Collection? What constitutes a collection...having 2, or 3, or 10 of the same thing? For me, personally, the answer is having 1 or 100 somewhat similar items with a somewhat similar look.

Under that very guideline I have MANY collections, of various items. One that seems to keep popping up in my home and in my displays is ironstone. White pitchers are my fave, but I'm open to variations in size and style that catch my eye. It's all about what we love, right? There are no rules.

I recently swapped out the items in my kitchen window. Things were looking a bit too "summery" so this is what I came up with temporarily until Christmas gets incorporated.

I mixed up the white with some aged wood and old pottery. Aaahh...it's good to mix.

And while editing my photos, I couldn't resist trying out a sepia touch on them. Love!!

Did you notice the CHIP in my ironstone pitcher? There is not a single piece in my collection that isn't chipped, cracked, stained, or craized. I adore the character these "life" marks give my things. It shows me these items were useful and loved. And reminds me daily that only God is perfect.

Do you see that hanging light? Pretty sweet, huh?! I'm working on THAT post too...stay tuned.

My ironstone seems to pop up in random places around my kitchen.

(And, no, my counters are NOT usually this clean!)

Alas, even the bathroom has a few ironstone pitchers!

What collection keeps popping up in your house?
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Yet another JunkFest birthday!

We love birthdays here at JunkFest, and today we celebrate with SweetMelissa! Please join us as we raise a glass in her honor! Here's wishing you the happiest of days in the coming year, accompanied by rusty, chippy goodness and crazed and crackled memories! We love you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for....

The JunkFest Girls and I felt it was important to do a post for Thanksgiving. It's an important holiday, but more than that, just the simple joy of being "thankful" for the people and things around us is just worth sharing.

Instead of sharing a project today, I'd like to share 10 things I'm thankful for. I invite you to comment and share your 10, or 5, or 2 with us!

Ten things that have made my life richer, in no particular order...

1. Friends that share the Adventure of Junk, whether it be in the actual hunt and gather, or in blogland where we share inspiration and motivation.

2. Sisters (and sisters-in-law) that have shared my life in such a positive way.

3. My husband, Sweet Man-O-Mine, (recently referred to as Mr. SweetMelissa...heehee) who is by my side no matter what ups and downs come our way. 24 years and counting...

4. The fact that a wonderful attendance at JunkFest made it possible for the JunkFest Girls to donate to three very special organizations: Quilts for Hospice, the ND-MN Alzheimer's organization, and one of our local Cemetery funds.

5. Boys. My three sons have enriched my life in so many ways I can't even begin to share them all with you.

6. The time I had in life with my parents. Although they are no longer with us, their love and influence have given me strength, and made me the person I am today.

7. Chocolate. The next best thing to...well, it's just a good thing!

8. Living and loving my life in the country. I can't imagine anything different than wide open spaces and blue skies.

9. Good health and happiness. No explanations necessary!

10. Multitudes of new friends through the world of BLOG. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To strip...or not to strip?

Are you compelled to strip? Furniture, that is! Do you tell yourself that you'll just "scratch the surface" a little and call it good? Then find yourself busting out the Zip Strip and the 80 grit paper? And before you know it, you're up to your elbows in layers and layers of God-only-knows what kinds of ancient & hazardous fermented-on finishes? Me too!
I spotted this aqua beauty at an antique store and was instantly drawn to its dreamy ocean hue! I even liked the chippy, dinged-up patina she was sporting. What you don't see, are the unsightly globs of high-gloss paint that were slapped on and left to run and dry that way by some previous owner. I tried to tell myself that I could live with it...maybe sand off some of those dried drips and spray it all over with a matte finish....but I knew better. Before I could even think about it I was pulling on the rubber gloves and prying open a can of my favorite stripper. What...? You don't have a favorite stripper?

I don't know what happens...once I start to "scratch the surface" I am driven to keep going until I get to the original raw wood. By the third application of stripper, I was starting to curse myself. Even if I was amused at the many, many colors she used to wear.

Why didn't she take the hardware off first? you ask. Because it was painted over and I had to get to the hardware first!

Okay, I'm starting to feel a little progress here...just might be ready to break out the sander...

Just LOOK at that bead board backing! Do you know how relieved I am that it was unfinished!!?
And NO, I would not have stripped that, I don't care how much lead paint!

After all the stripping, sanding, whining, painting and glazing (hard to see in the pics) I sprayed the brass cup pulls with oil rubbed bronze spray paint and called this project done!

Here she is, at the top of my stairs. (many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Sweet Melissa...she was heavy!!)

I love these little angled drawers!

Yes, I think it was worth the trouble.....what do you think?

So tell me....do you have a compulsion to strip?
I'm sharing this beauty with everybody over at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday, and Donna's SNS #57. Also, check out BNOP's Met Monday #96....great stuff!!
Edited to add: Thank you SO MUCH for all the kind comments on this chest! This butterfly pics above it came from a friend's garage sale. Many of you have asked about the paint color I used on the chest. I'm sorry to report that it was a color match, and I don't have the original color card, so I don't know the brand.....but, my paint can reads "color match Dewey blend." I think I picked up the color card at a Walmart store....? Hope this is helpful!
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