Saturday, October 30, 2010

Words Can Say So Much!

I had a teaser post on these a while back. (Click HERE to see.) They've since been finished...and have found their new homes! I hope their new owners are enjoying them as much as I did making them!

Above is the finished you believe they started like this:

Both frames were dismantled and painted. I cut MDF for each frame, painted one with chalkboard paint and the music themed print with just a base color. I like to lay out and trace stencils simply for placement on a print...then when I'm satisfied with the total layout of the project I use the stencils again to stipple the lettering and design.

When I finished the entire board I lightly sanded the entire surface so it wouldn't look so "fresh". Since all the words on this project had a musical theme I decided it was more than fitting to cover the mat with sheet music.

This table was a set of treadle legs repurposed with a table-top type surface added. I wanted it to have a bit more of a fun flare than just a plain painted top. I applied the same treatment as above but only ran the words around the edge of the table. I hope it's new owner finds inspiration with every task performed at this funky table!

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Check out The Old Painted Cottage for this fabulous burlap bag giveaway!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Before & After

Shortly after hanging up my JunkFest hat, I found I was still pretty jazzed about "transforming" things. Since this is a rare occurrence, I took that energy right back out to my shop to work on one of the pieces I had saved for my very own (the best perk of JF)! My daughter needed a small cabinet for her apartment, so I eagerly gave her a little black stand that my husband "built" (I purchased) from Target. This left a gaping hole in my living room. Great timing, don't you think?

Now this dresser was in pretty good shape....had good bones. I knew it would provide the storage I needed, with a little TLC......"little" being the operative word. Once I start sanding, something comes over me and I feel the need to strip something down to the bare wood. Must stop that.

With Miss Mustard Seed as my inspiration, along with several other talented DIYer's in blogland, I decided to paint (gasp!) the body of the dresser, and stain the top. I can I stand to paint that gorgeous wood, especially after all that stripping?! Well....look here to see why.

Copy Me Challenge

I'm thrilled with how she turned out! I do have to say that I loved the dark tone of the very old finish, and I probably could have stained it 8 more times, but I'm impatient.

A little glaze over the flat white paint, some paste wax over the top, cool hardware....and she's ready to show off her curves!

I like how the dark top and hardware pop next to my dark chair. And if you look closely, you can see the aged plaster on the wall. I was worried about the white dresser blending in too much with the wall. I'm good with how it turned out.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Literary Pumpkins


Howdy everybody! Stephanie Lynn over at Under The Table and Dreaming is having a Halloween Pumpkin Parade Party! Who doesn't love a party? I thought I'd play along and show you what I did with some small faux pumpkins earlier this fall. I actually wanted to sell these at JunkFest, but given the amount of time they took to complete, I would have had to charge more than plenty for I KEPT them!

I've seen projects like this with sheet music, but since I didn't have any at the time, I used old book pages. I started by spraying the pumpkins with white spray primer. After they dried, I applied strips of book pages (cut with a pinking shears) using Mod Podge. This was almost disastrous! Would have been easier if I had three more hands!

After working in stages, completing half a pumpkin at a time, I painted the stems black.

Here I have a few of them displayed with tarnished silver, pewter, and black. Very monochromatic....with just a tiny pop of orange.

LOVE this one with the leaves & curly stem....wish I had more of those! The stems on the others were too fake looking, which is why I chose to paint them.

Head on over to Stephanie Lynn's and check out all the other cool ideas on parade...then show us your pumpkins!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Softer Side of Industrial Chic.

What's your style? Primitive, cottage, eclectic, funky, shabby chic, industrial? I've really hardly even given "Industrial Chic" a thought. In my mind it was cold, hard, metal, glass, and too contemporary.

This post is linking up to Margo's Junkin Journal and her Industrial Chic Linky Party, and Funky Junk Donna at SNS, but my take on "Industrial Chic" isn't quite the same as most. I'm all about the mix of different styles and that mix keeps my things from becoming "cold and hard" to me. I'd like to call it the Softer Side of Funky Industrial Chic. The few things around my home weren't necessarily in industry but in the working force at some point in their dutiful lives. (not saying I don't WISH I had some awesome industrial pieces!)

This heavy piece is a new purchase of mine....and I love it! Once a functional automotive part, it now works wonderfully as a "vase" for some dried broom corn. My Grandfather (pictured above) used to manufacture brooms with this fabulous plant. The broom corn, along with the warm colored rust work together to soften the cold metal of the axle.

And I'm lucky enough to have one of the brooms made by him!! I'll always know which one in my collection is the family heirloom by the paint he got on it the day he and I were painting trim at his house. When I realized it was one of his very own handcrafted brooms (and knowing there were very few around!) I jumped for joy and was the lucky recipient of it.

Using inspiration from the Bachman's Idea House...T.P. is always close at hand when needed!

This centerpiece was likely once an air filter or implement part of some kind. Again the rust, with a little bit of candlelight make it warm and inviting for my tastes.

Not sure on this metal pan, but I believe it is similar to those used to hold oil for equipment maintenance. (or I might be making that up....but isn't it awesome!) Story here.

Okay, maybe my idea of Industrial Chic is way off base...but I love the mix these items bring to my home. Now head on over at Margo's linky party and check out the links...some FAB stuff and wonderful inspiration there! Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get Ready for a Linky Party with a Prize!

Take note!

Margo's having her very first
Industrial Chic Linky Party!

Click the picture below to check it out:

Party starts on Friday Oct 15 at 7:00 AM central time
All are invited
Entrants will be eligible to win a prize!

Stop over at Margo's blog and check it out...
then stop back here on Friday to see MY interpretation of Industrial Chic.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

With JUNK, Anything is Possible!

It's best not to be intimidated by odds and ends, and this's and thats. With a bit of imagination and a brave creative touch, and...a little bit of JUNK...anything is possible. A recent visit to the Bachman Idea House made the unimaginable seem like "every day common".

In the Bachman House with some Junkin' Friends: Missy(SweetMelissa), Tamarah of Shabby Vintage Junk, Margo of Margo's Junkin Journal, Cassie, Lynette, Andrea, and Diane of the Barn Chics.

I've recently incorporated one of these fab ideas into my home. Which one do you think it is? Details coming soon...
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