Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My new jewels!

My new necklace has arrived! I want to share this great necklace which was custom made for me by Gretchen of Mimi-Toria's Jewelry.

When we started our Junk Fest blog fun about one year ago, we Junk girls "found" Gretchen through her blog and starting corresponding. One thing lead to another, and we met her and her best friend, Carolyn on our 2009 April trip to Minneapolis. When we saw her jewelry in person, we were more than impressed! Sweet Melissa bought a necklace right on site (in the parking lot of Applebees!) and soon after Cassie and Lynette followed suit. Here's Gretchen's FUN creation for me...
Are you jealous?! She had asked me what I like in life to help her personalize it. Well, I love numbers, keys, wine, coins, a little "bling", I'm catholic, and I love silver and black. (I'm really not a gold jewelry person). Anyway, she hit the nail on the head with her vintage pieces, differing chains and charms! Oh, and the watch piece says "Junk Girl" inside it...my blogging name...how cool is that?
Here's a picture of Gretchen and Carolyn in the lovely outside garden area at The French Flea where we met in April. Gretchen sells her jewelry at The French Flea in Anoka, MN and you can contact her through her blog here. I am quite sure these two girls will be our life-long friends!I am so wearing this to work tomorrow! Thanks, Gretchen!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Look what's for dinner!

Hey folks! I just had to share a fun EASY recipe my husband's cousin told me about! She called them "dinosaur eggs"...and that got my attention, as I'd never heard of them! She said it's a great snack/treat/meal you can make in a snap that most kids LOVE. I just had to share it, 'cause she was right...it's yummy!

Alrighty, first, you gotta have PAM cooking spray...Spray it evenly in a cereal bowl and make sure you hit the sides...Next crack one egg in a separate container, whip it up and pour it in the cereal bowl. I added a few dried chives, some onion flakes, pepper and salt...
Cover it all with a plate and bake for one minute on high in your handy dandy microwave!Caution: contents are hot, so be careful removing the lid. Here's where I added a little shredded cheese and put the cover back on just to melt it a bit. (DO NOT cook longer in the microwave). The delightful thing is the egg slides right out of the bowl...that's right - no clean-up mess - hurray! Throw that frying pan away, baby!
On a toasted English muffin OR toasted bread, add some deli sliced ham...Here's the finished product! Yes, folks, it's an egg McMuffin!Yum, yum!I'm so dang excited as this is something my teenagers can make themselves! Woohoo! It's easy, no mess, quite healthy and really good! Please leave a comment if you're like me and have never made this no-mess version!
Hope your Christmas was a fun one!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

JunkFest holiday home excursion

The four of us JunkGirls recently made a round trip jaunt to each other's homes to share in some Christmas cheer and have an opportunity to take in each other's spectacular holiday decorations. There were lots of laughs, splendid food, delightful drinks, and tons of merriment! Here's a bit I wanted to share...

So from the JunkGirls to YOU...have a blessed holiday season, a very merry Christmas, and the happiest of New Years!
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