Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 70's called....

...they want their brass back. You know what I'm talkin about. You've been there, or at least know somebody who has...maybe still is.    Dear Lord....

The thrift and second hand stores are full of it. Goodwill has it....and of course they want more for it than it's worth! Just think....if the price of brass ever goes up like silver and'm headed to the thrift!!

I usually pass by the brass section (and I'm not talkin musical horns here) but this lamp caught my eye during a recent visit to my favorite only local re-sale store.

Why, yes, I did start eliminating the brass before the "before" picture....couldn't help myself...

See all that pretty fluted, curvy, brassiliciousness? Ok, let me just apologize right now for my brassy sarcasm....not intending to offend anyone who may still love the look.  If that's you....stop reading.  Go visit one of the blogs on our sidebar.  If you're not offended and totally get my on...

The lamp even came with these iridescent, genuine plastic, tear-drop crystals! They go with anything and everything 70's!

Here's where the transformation begins.....a little elegant finish, silver metallic paint to pull this baby into the here and now.....or at least as far as the 80's!

A simple and cheap artist's paintbrush magically erases the offensive gold....

...until, alas! There is no more!

Yes, yes I do see that it is entirely too silver. Please be patient....I'm not done yet. There's more trickery up my sleeve....
I need to do something to enhance that beautiful faux marbling in the only part of the lamp that is not brass or light bulb or electrical cord. I'm pretty sure it's not real marble.....but it is real pretty.

Enter black acrylic craft paint (sorry, no photo) diluted with plain old tap water. Paint on, dabble off with a damp paper towel.

Here it is after painting on the diluted black, before dabbling it off....kind of runny and drippy.

Doesn't that look better? And less silvery? And more aged? And much less brassy? Yes, I think it does too.

Throw in those iridescent dangly things......umm....jury's still out on those.....

And there she is! A little less brass and a little more......hello lovely~!
Yes, the lamp shade is naked. That's another post....another day....

Who's with me on this one?  Buh-bye brass.  Hello romantic, crystally, marbley, naked-shaded lamp!
Can I get an AMEN?!

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To be continued....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Me?  Really?  Awe shucks....

Head on over to Whisperwood Cottage to check out all of the Awe...Mazing! kitchen projects.  Then link up your amazing kitchen projects too!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Screen Door, I'll Take Mine Black

There are a few things I truly get enjoyment and comfort from.  One is a darn good cup of coffee.

Another...having something with heartfelt meaning...something that sparks a happy memory, that makes you think of times past and loved ones.

Now, you'll have to excuse the fact this is a bit of a repost.  But I love this screen/closet door as much or more now than I did when I introduced it to you.  A very sweet lady, living on the farm my Mother worked at when I was very young, kindly gave me this door instead of tossing it to the trash.

You can read the original post HERE.

Are you back yet? 

Take a look at the before photos of this door.  Ouch.  It certainly had seen it's better day and I knew this was not a job for the faint at heart.

So......I put on my big girl undies gloves and got to work.  Lots of elbow grease went into this project, but oh so worth it!

Long story short.  My garbage closet went from this...

To this!

If you're intersted in the whole story, and the tutorial on these panels...

Now I couldn't leave the other pantry door out of the post.  It doesn't have the history the other door does, but has evolving character with a large chalkboard panel.  I used some "web"spiration for the design, after having a bout of chalkboard drawer's block.  Notice though...I got lazy and distracted by the time I got to the bottom lines!  haha

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Wall Art

Do you remember this scene from a wall in my house I shared with you in December?
Well, I figured it was "time" for a change....blahhahahlahala!

Have a blessed Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This dresser went from sassy to classy.

Like?  Then read on.

Take a look at this before.  Really?!

My junk-minded, keen eyed sister spotted this one...she knew it had potential! you FORGET which drawer your socks are in?

Stickers...gone.  Drawer labels...gone.  Sand, scrub, repair.

Then look CLOSELY, to see an exciting facelift treatment...see it?

Oh,  there it is!!

Stencil and joint compound. Yeppers.

Then a good coat of primer, paint, and a glaze treatment to accent the fanci-schmancy-stuff.

Then add some home store clearance handles.  Yum.

(please disregard the "missing" handles on the bottom drawer...I "borrowed" two for a JunkFest project last summer)

There's just something about a good distressing, isn't there?

Oh, and the lamp in the corner is my necklace rack.  She's waiting for her turn for a facelift too. 

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