Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you can't make it....

Hello readers! I want to start this post off by letting you all in on a little secret. Or perhaps a misconception, if you will. If you're a junker, then you already know this and can skip down to the next paragraph...Junkers are very clever, resoursceful people. We can pull rabbits out of hats. We make things out of other "things" that most people would discard. Give us some string (vintage, of course!) a couple rusty hinges and some dried out barnwood and we've got the makings of the most gorgeous bar, hoosier cabinet, or bench you've ever seen! Did I mention, some of us exaggerate a bit? Anywho, when we can't make it or find it....we buy it!

Case in point:

I have long been pining for one or many of these curvy French-style chairs. The vintage variety seem to be almost non-existent here in NDWOJ (North Dakota world of junk). During a recent stop at a TJ Maxx store, I spotted a pair of these lovelies. The chair gods were smiling down on me!

These girls were already dressed in creamy canvas fabric and bedazzled in swirly, stampy, illegible typography! I didn't have to do a thing to them, except load them into my vehicle and take them home....serendipity!

Graceful, subtle curves....

Distressed in all the right places...


The resident pooch even gave her nod of approval.

It's my new favorite spot in the house! Her partner is residing upstairs in my sewing/craft room....which you'll get a peek at soon.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Romance in Photos...Your Votes are Needed

(Google images)

There's just nothing more romantic than a young couple in love.

(I know this because I see it often in my son and his wonderful bride-to-be!)

I recently got an email from a VERY proud Mom of a local hometown sweetheart who is also engaged to be married.

(Mom images)

Their names are Allison and Luke, and their story is very sweet and very genuine. As young as they are, they've both endured their share of challenge and heartache. And yet they endure, and their bond is strong because of it.

To top off the excitement of a wedding, this couple has been chosen as finalists in a wedding photography package! Time is short, and they need your VOTES to win this package!!

(Mom images)

Check out the contest and finalists at Katie Lewis Photography, inc. The photography on this site is absolutely stunning. I think I drooled while perusing the site.

(Google images)

And don't forget to VOTE!! for Allison and Luke!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Framed Art

Here's a little project with a long history in the making. I've had this tin ceiling tile for what seems like ages. While working on different JunkFest projects, it never quite fit or created the look I was going for. Low and behold in my "to throw" pile I eyed this glass-long-gone window frame that looked to be about the same size...yesiree - it appeared a marriage was about to occur!Simple nails with heads large enough to grab the tin where attached to the frame and holy cats, folks - I actually had a nice piece of "art"!But I couldn't stop there. Maybe I needed to add a few black and white photographs?

This photo of my little nieces was perfect. I added magnets to some old earrings for a bit of sparkle, even though these little girls don't need any more sparkle - they are adorable just the way they are!

A quick spray of poly so more paint won't peel was the ticket.

It makes a pretty big "statement" now all framed in my spare bedroom!

I also glued magnets to these random numbers...I adore the look of black, silver and white together.


Sure hope you're having a great junky day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Win a trip to JunkFest!!

If you've never been to JunkFest....here's your chance! ND Tourism, in conjunction with Country Living Magazine (yes, Country Living!) is offering a vacation package for 4 nights in our great state of North Dakota! Two of those four nights include lodging at the Carrington Inn & Suites, a private tour of the beautiful Dakota Sun Gardens Winery, and passes to the 7th Annual Autumn JunkFest & Flea Market!! But wait, there's more! Those passes to JunkFest include exclusive early-bird shopping (beat the crowds!) AND 2 stylin' junk totes filled with goodies!

Also included in the prize package is 2 nights lodging at the scenic Lakeview Meadow Resort, Jamestown, a historic tour of the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site, $200 in travel vouchers, as well as food vouchers for some fabulous area restaurants!

What are you waiting for? Even if you're a ND native, this would be a great girls' getaway weekend! Who doesn't want to be wined & dined and sent home with some great junk in their trunk?!

For more information or to enter, click here......but don't delay....sweepstakes deadline is Monday, May 23rd!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tablescape #3 - Andrea's Table!

We hope you've been following along with our Tablescape series!

Next up is Andrea's Table:

"Remnants of Spring"...
She incorporated "spring" into her table in several ways (and we all know we could sure use ALOT of spring right now!)

First, were the old music sheets with springtime song titles...

Her centerpiece was the seat frame (and springs!) from a rusty old farm truck. Thrift store juice glasses filled with water held birch branches and cut flowers.

Old door knobs were filled with water and a single stem of a flower...

another touch of SPRING!

Her mis-matched cream and white dishes and coffee cups went well with the chocolate and Robin's egg blue colors.

Here's a shot of the birch branches she used in the centerpiece - they had just recently budded!

She used her favorite paisley tablecloth for a vintage look.

For a bit of whimsy, she added metal cow tags to the glass stems.

Next up we will be sharing a few of the other tables at the event!

Please stay tuned!

You guessed it.....we're linking up to Donna's SNS 81!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tablescape #2 - Cassie's Table!

We are back today as we continue our Tablescape Series! As we mentioned in our previous post, Cassie, Lynette and Andrea participated in the Carrington Auxiliary Tablescapes last weekend. See Lynette's table HERE.


Up next is Cassie's table, entitled:

"Garden Party - Vintage Style!"

Her centerpiece was this large, lovely cloche atop a base made from old wood-stove legs attached to a round piece of wood. Under the springtime bulbs is a fabulous round grate. Gorgeous, huh?

A close-up surrounding the base of the centerpiece are some garden rocks, sprinkler nozzle heads and plants, fun, fun!

A few vintage photographs were tucked in here and there...

Even the chairs were spruced up! Love the vintage garden tool!

The fern leaves under the stoneware plates were a gorgeous touch! The white and green were simply stunning together.

The lucky ticket holders at her table received a special gift of flower bulbs!

Up Next will be Andrea's Table!

We'll be hanging out with Donna over at SNS 81.....join us?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Can you say Tablescape?

Hello all you tablescape lovers, we have a special treat for you this week! On Saturday a tablescapes luncheon was held by the Health Center Auxiliary in our community of Carrington, ND. The funds raised at the event will be used to help purchase medical monitoring equipment for our ambulances.

Cassie co-chaired the event (on a fractured foot, no less!). Lynette, Cassie and Andrea each participated this year by decorating their own tables. It was so much fun!

We will start off this tablescape series of posts with Lynette's table.

It was called "Springtime Flea Market - Open Rain or Shine".


This lovely, heavy statue was part of the centerpiece for her table. She was perfectly worn and weathered and adorned with some junky jewels and a flower. Awesome, huh?

At the base of the statue stood, well, another statue of course!

The bow tie was the perfect touch!

Around the base of the statues were all sorts of great, interesting objects she has found at flea markets and thrift stores. It was all so stunning together and these pictures really don't do it justice - it was colorful and F-U-N!

The details on her amber-colored glasses were beautiful. Lynette attached metal numbers and letters to the stem - the perfect touch!

Her plates were a grey and cream, and in between them and the top glass plate was a peacock feather. Cool.

Another fabulous detail: Old wrist watches used as napkin rings...

Oh, didn't I mention over the table hung this umbrella? Crystals hung on fishing line to resemble raindrops. Wow! (Get her theme now? - Springtime Flea Market - rain or shine!)

As if that wasn't enough, the luncheon guests at her table each received a small homemade pecan pie made by Lynette! (It was yummy, by the way!)

"Carol could never be sure if it was her sexy glasses that kept Howard lingering at the table...or if it was her pecan pie."

Hilarious, Lynette, and your table was over-the-top!

*Stay tuned to our blog: Cassie's table is up next!*

We're partying with Donna at SNS 81....come along!

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