Saturday, August 30, 2014

Are you Ready?

Woo Hoo!

Or your trailer!…Get your trailer ready!

... AND maybe your friend's car or your husband's truck!
Make it a long box, just to be on the safe side.

See you soon!   ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What do you get?

 What do you get when you have perfectly rusty iron grates,
 beautiful aged cast iron,
throw in some exotic ornamentation,

and a little weathered wood,

plus some galvanized metal,

and peeling, chippy paint,

more galvanized goodness,
primitive hardware,

and some great legs?
You have JUNKFEST!!
Join us as we celebrate 10 years of repurposed treasures, your favorite patinas, and some of the best vendors we could find...Saturday, September 6th, 9am to 3pm
at the Foster County Fairgrounds
Carrington, ND.
Find us on FB at

Monday, June 23, 2014

Friday Night Event tickets on sale this Saturday!!

Friday Night Tickets
go on sale this Saturday
June 28th!

Tickets for the private Friday evening event will go on sale June 28th.
  Quantities are limited so when they're gone...they're gone. 
 Mark your calendar now cause they'll go FAST!

Tickets are $35 each
and includes:
Early Bird Shopping, Catered Refreshments, a Gift from the JunkFest Girls,
and your Saturday admission to the Flea Market

To order your tickets (not until June 28), 

 If you can't reach your computer or Ipad because you're fishing or getting a manicure or something
...never fear...
you can call Missy at 701-653-5707.  

*Orders for tickets will not be accepted
 on facebook or by text.*

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Friday Night Tickets ..going on sale soon!



The Friday Night Tickets will be on sale SOON:

Tickets for the private Friday evening event will go on sale June 28th.  Quantities are limited so when they're gone...they're gone.  Mark your calendar now cause they'll go FAST!
Tickets are $35 each.

To order your tickets (not until June 28), email

 If you can't reach your computer or Ipad because you're fishing or getting a manicure or something
...never fear...
you can call 701-653-5707. 

Orders for tickets will not be accepted on facebook or by text.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Junkfest…getting some props!

How adorable is this lil guy in a vintage suitcase!!

We have always thought that a lot of our finds
would make great photo props!

Whether you are a professional photographer
 searching for fun props,
or you want to add a unique flair to your wedding or engagement photos,
or you just want to take some adorable pictures of your kiddos..
be sure to keep your eyes open at JunkFest,
cause you never know what you can find!

JunkFest  takes no credit for any of the following images, they were added to illustrate the use of vintage props…and they are awesome.

At previous sales, you could have found
* little red wagons

* vintage boxing gloves

* vintage furniture

* vintage trunks and suitcases

* benches made from reclaimed wood
 and fancy iron headboards

*metal egg baskets

* old church pews

* old signs

* vintage cribs

* ornate frames for your 
diy photo booth

* old tubs of all kinds

* vintage carts/baskets
some similar to this wheeled laundry cart:

* vintage school desks

* vintage sleds

* vintage chairs of all kinds

* cool old umbrellas

*vintage ornate chandeliers


Honestly, the possibilities are endless!
Come and look around
I bet you'll find something to inspire your next photo session!

(...On a fabulous couch , sitting amongst the trees!  )

A big thank you to all of the photographers
 who created the adorable images I included in this post. 
Your talent and creativity inspire me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Ode to Winter

Winter, Oh Winter
..why do you have to be so frickin cold?!
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
* * * * * *
ha ha

Look at these wrought iron doors,
the LOVE of my winter garden.

(soon to be an awesome spring/summer garden trellis)

I also added some colorful ornaments to a tree branch that has a cement base:

* My friend was looking for some unique and pretty decor for her step daughters wedding reception.
Branches were the answer folks!
They are usually free and, when all decked out, they can add such a romantic atmosphere!
She "potted" many branches in apple buckets using Quickcrete,
then added those super thin wire lights and also hung some clear glass drops.

I acquired some of her "trees" after the reception was over.
I have set them in my house
 (they added a festive touch to the corners of my dining room at Thanksgiving and Christmas)
 and I have set them outside.
The one pictured below has stood up to all kinds of wind and blizzard-like weather.
I just love seeing the bright colored ornaments when I walk up to the house!
(plastic ornaments from, colorful and no fear of broken glass!)

This peacock blue ribbon from Hobby Lobby 
got wrapped around lots of things,  
it added gorgeous color to some dreary winter days.
This is one of the cement orbs that my son made.

I bought this old cement urn on a junking trip with the girls
I hope the boxwood shrub survives

Then, on Pinterest,
 I saw what a creative soul did with some old, white, glass globes.
You know the ones, from grandma's old light fixtures.
(usually on hand at your local thrift store)
She tucked clear christmas lights inside and plugged them in.

They add such a cool glow to her garden!!

at night

So easy to do, So fun, So creative.
Check them out at:

I had some of these globes in my junk stash!

I topped an iron urn with a grinding stone to make a "table". Then I placed an evergreen wreath on top of that, stuffed my glass globe with lights and placed it in the center. ** I did wrap some twine around the base of the globe and tied it to the wreath…I also anchored the wreath to the grinding stone with wire so everything would be able to stand up to our North Dakota winter winds!

See how it glows at night?
I love it right outside my window!

Although winter is not really my favorite time of year,
* I am a beach girl at heart *
there are some things that can really make it glow…
like old glass globes, bright ornaments, colored ribbons
 fun days shopping for warm hats...

Don't they make great hat models!?!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have a LOVELY Day!

Happy Valentines Day Friends!

Fill it with hugs and kisses and
appreciation for ALL of the love-ly people in your life.
...and maybe just a smidgen of chocolate


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sharing the Stylings of a true Junk Queen!

Want some awesome ideas
for using your unique and junk-y finds? 
Just take a look at this FABULOUS bathroom remodel crafted by
 Donna from Funky Junk Interiors :

There is no doubt that Donna has a love and passion and 
an absolute knack for transforming 
cast offs into FABULOUS DECOR…
 she also has a keen eye for editing!

When you are working with junk,
I really think that you have to be able to edit.
Donna is a master at this!
She really knows how to use her unique finds
in a way that still lets her room look

*I think mixing the old with the new is the key*

The rusty license plates and old yardsticks look wonderful against the clean black paint of her brand new vanity and mirror.

The weathered patina on the ladder is a nice contrast to the
 fresh white towels and crisply painted wall
…as are the old hooks and game boards.

I love the contrasts of the old against the new and think that is why her bathroom design is a big "YES!" 

To see in detail how Donna created this clean and bright farmhouse look, click here:

So, in September, 
when you are attending the 10th annual
 JUNKFEST and Flea Market 
..and you see some rusty license plates,
a worn ladder,
or some other interesting treasure
 know that you CAN mix them into a modern home…
and, if you edit well,
 they will add character, without adding clutter.

When I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago,
I really wanted to add some architectural salvage to the mix.
I could have gone hog wild with that concept
as I had a storage building FULL of treasures!
SERIOUSLY! Hoarder territory.
But I decided to permanently attach just 2 pieces:

On a fun junking trip with the girls,
 I spied 2 old corbels that I just had to have.
I thought they would fit perfectly under my stove hood…

* I think they add a nice bit of character *

Especially their authentic, chipped patina
against the shiny new subway tile….
I just LOVE the contrast of old against new!

I singled out the corbels to attach permanently,
but I still like to add other funky and junky accents.

I have a serious love of statues of all kinds!
- I try to use restraint and only allow one in a room-

This guy had a broken base and couldn't stand up straight.
But, where there is a will, there is a way!
I had this adorable little drawer from an old sewing cabinet, I attached a vintage enamel number tag to the front, 
some old wooden knobs as feet on the bottom,
 and filled the drawer with plaster of paris to "cement" him in.
It worked!

Now that he can stand on his own,
 I think he's kinda awesome
and kind of unexpected in a kitchen.
Pots and pans and an artsy hunk o man!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time Flies!

 Can you believe, theJunkFest girls
have been embracing rust
(and removing dust!)
since 2004??!

That's right, 2014 will mark our
 10 year Anniversary!!

'Cause we would love to share some
with you on September 6, 2014!

Wonderful Vendors
Awesome Shoppers
Loyal Followers!
We wouldn't have had 10 wonderful years
without you!!!

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