Monday, April 7, 2014

Junkfest…getting some props!

How adorable is this lil guy in a vintage suitcase!!

We have always thought that a lot of our finds
would make great photo props!

Whether you are a professional photographer
 searching for fun props,
or you want to add a unique flair to your wedding or engagement photos,
or you just want to take some adorable pictures of your kiddos..
be sure to keep your eyes open at JunkFest,
cause you never know what you can find!

JunkFest  takes no credit for any of the following images, they were added to illustrate the use of vintage props…and they are awesome.

At previous sales, you could have found
* little red wagons

* vintage boxing gloves

* vintage furniture

* vintage trunks and suitcases

* benches made from reclaimed wood
 and fancy iron headboards

*metal egg baskets

* old church pews

* old signs

* vintage cribs

* ornate frames for your 
diy photo booth

* old tubs of all kinds

* vintage carts/baskets
some similar to this wheeled laundry cart:

* vintage school desks

* vintage sleds

* vintage chairs of all kinds

* cool old umbrellas

*vintage ornate chandeliers


Honestly, the possibilities are endless!
Come and look around
I bet you'll find something to inspire your next photo session!

(...On a fabulous couch , sitting amongst the trees!  )

A big thank you to all of the photographers
 who created the adorable images I included in this post. 
Your talent and creativity inspire me.

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