Sunday, February 27, 2011

Does Anyone have the Time?

Is it "time" for dinner?

A funky table makeover for JunkFest 2010, was the perfect solution to this otherwise boring round vintage table, and adds eye candy to any tablescape.

To achieve the look I started by printing and cutting out the stencils for the roman numerals. Instead of stippling the stencil design I traced the outlines for placement, then handpainted each one. (yes...those are reading glasses, I'm showing my age!)

The legs were painted white like the table top, and given an antiqued finish.

I started giving the top a similar "antique" finish, but kinda forgot to stop! I just kept throwing on paint and by the time I a great wood-look result.

Here she is set up at JunkFest 2010 complete with bingo card and potted fork placecard holders. and a round mirror simply sitting on the table gives the illusion of a lazy susan.

And how fun is that ladder in the center?! Adding height and character to an already funky setting.

Those sweet coordinating chairs are the design of Miss Cassie. Don't you just LOVE the ruffled slipcovers?

You've seen the funky side of a makeover, now here's a "dressy" version. This table, although very well made, was a bit dated. Who could pass up the versatility of it though...from apartment size, lift the two large dropleaves, then add two leaves...and you're ready for holiday company!

A glamorous look of black, with a touch of shabby. Perfect. Wait a minute, is that DUST?

That's better. See how much can be accomplished in Picasa?

And again add some sweet chairs from Miss Cassie, plus a few super-fabulous accents. Love. It.

Post edit: after the first few comments wanting to know what the finish is on the black table...thought I'd share. The table was painted in latex black with a roller, then lightly sanded for a slight shabby appearance. The topcoat is several layers of semi gloss polyurethane with a foam brush.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring....Where Are You?

Hello again! A week has passed since our last post....seems time is standing still amidst the frozen winter here. With no sign of spring in sight, I've been playing.....looking for some green, anything to encourage me that this winter will end soon...

As I said, I've been playing.....rearranging little vignettes in my kitchen. Grocery store tulips fit the bill when everything is still dirty gray outside.

Just look at that gorgeous black dirt with new life emerging from it! Oh, and the scent is incredible! Must be the farm girl in me that gets excited over fresh dirt!

When fresh greens & bulbs aren't available, silk is the next best long as it's green, I don't care!

Do you see that spot of sunlight peeking in? Hello Mr. Golden Sun!

I love this sweet cherub's face! Another reminder that "gardening" season will soon be upon us...

This morning the hubs asked me what "that clock did to end up in a cage?"

Thanks for tagging along with me on my quest for spring. What are you doing to pass the time?

I'll be searching for some spring inspiration over at Faded Charm.....won't you join me?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspiration Board

Hi everybody! Hope your weekend is going well. Funky Junk Donna's SNS #69 is all about bulletin boards, and since I'm revamping my "create" room, I thought I'd share mine. I call mine an inspiration board, and it sits on top of my cutting table.

This piece originated as an antique dresser mirror from a very old set that I acquired a few years back. The dresser was too defunct to fix, but I kept the mirror and bed. The silvering on the mirror was pretty bad, and when the glass eventually cracked I held on to the frame, knowing it would serve some other purpose (other than an omen of bad luck for the next 7 years)!

I lightly sanded it and sprayed on several coats of heirloom white. Once dry, I roughed up the edges to highlight the details....and because I simply like that look. I covered a large bulletin board with some quilt batting and pretty toile fabric before attaching the original mirror backing.

The fabric is so sweet I almost hate to cover it with anything!

I call it my inspiration board because it holds the things that mean the most to of important people, notes & cards from friends and other little trinkets that make me happy. These things are not limited to my bulletin board....rather, I try to fill all of my rooms with these same items.

Here's a card from a dear friend. I laugh out loud every time I look at it. It brings back good memories that make me want to make more memories....and be creative.

Thanks for stopping by! Now hop on over to Donna's for some more inspiration boards.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Does it Take to Touch a Life?

Not "a" life. Many lives. What does it take to touch the lives of many? What kind of person, and family does that take? I'll tell you.

To walk into a house and be welcomed with a smile, a "hello dear", and instantly be treated like family...even if they haven't gotten to know you yet. And you instantly feel at you could stay for hours...chatting the day away.

And sometimes you do.

A person, and family you trust your children to. Day after day.

But not a daycare setting. A home filled with laughter and love. Where each child is treated as one of their own.

As one of HER own.

A keeper of children. A friend to many. A wife, sister, and mother....very recently passed from this life to the next. Too soon, too young. Unexpectedly. As the family has asked, we cry for them, but not for her, as she is in a better place.

For over 15 years she has been touching lives. Rocking wee ones. Playing. Caring. So many lives touched,that upon the news of her passing we couldn't stand by without showing the world, and the family, just how much she, and they, really mean to us.

And to our children.

And in a single day, 68 handprints from the children previously and currently in her care.


Only a few could not make it but their handprint is represented as well.

And the children...this was their way to give back. To touch the lives of the family they know they will always be a part of.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Showin' Some Love....Junk Style!

When I was thinking of a title for this post and throwing around ideas like "junky love" or "love, junk style" I kept thinking back to the show "Love, American Style!" Telling you that really dates me, but believe me.....I was really little back then and I don't remember anything about the show.....just the music at the beginning and the star-spangled heart. Anybody else remember the show?

Back to the topic at & junk! Was in Wally World picking up the usual household must-haves when I spotted the end-cap with the flowers. For $17 I picked up a dozen red roses, some seeded eucalyptus, and a bundle of tulips. Below are three quick and easy, very low cost (like the flowers) ideas to show that special junk lover how you feel!

In my box of doo-dads I happened to find this old drawer......must have come from some sort of storage cubby.

Even though it was pretty dirty, the potential was there, and that's all that counts!

I started by removing the label/drawer pull with my tool of choice....a vintage butter knife! Now I can stand it on end.

After cleaning the drawer, I added some dark walnut stain, and reattached the the new front side.

Frenched her up a bit by printing some sappy French phrase on scrapbook paper.

Insert an empty glass votive holder and plop in a few flowers and voila!

For option 2, I went to my local second hand store and came home with a 50 cent glass container.

I had some burlap ribbon and some red & white gingham check that I wrapped around the container and looped through a vintage butterfly hinge.

I added some vintage skeleton keys for some dangly visual interest. Kind of a "key to my heart" symbol....or is that cheesey?

The container for option three came from my shop du 'junque as well. It's a beat up old match holder. Once again, I inserted a clear glass votive holder to house the flowers....and keep them hydrated.

Next come the tulips and some more seeded eucalyptus. By this time I had almost forgotten it was still winter in ND!

Add one vintage music lyre, and we're done!

Showing your love doesn't have to cost a fortune! You are only limited my your imagination!
Happy Valentine's Day.....thanks for stopping by!!

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