About JunkFest

Once upon a time...

Some girls who all loved JUNK, (and had to travel far and wide to find said junk) came together and decided it would be amazing fun to gather, repair, re-function, and create a collection of JUNK to offer to other junk-lovers in the area.  Why travel far and wide to find junk when it can be offered up right next door?!


An Autumn JunkFest was born.  A date was set and posters were hung.  A garage in the country was cleaned and filled to the brim with fabulous junk.  Preparations were made, anticipations grew, and soon the dust arose as a line of cars made their way down the gravel road.  Really?  To see us?  Holy cow!

Now held at the Foster County Fairgrounds in Carrington, ND, the annual Autumn Junk Fest has become a festive gathering of Trash Talkers and Treasure Seekers!  You'll find tons of refurbished and repurposed treasures for your home and garden.  JunkFest also hosts the best and fastest growing Flea Market in these parts!

JunkFest and the Flea Market start PROMPTLY at 9:00am.  The "shotgun start" is sure to get your blood pumping!  Of course it is a good idea to arrive early...admission can be paid and you will be placed in a holding area allowed to wait and socialize behind a ribbon until the show begins.

Music and laughter fill the air and treasures are plentiful every direction you look, all the while you'll be basking in an aroma of delightfully tasty food.

Make your arrangements to spend the day...or the weekend in Carrington!  The entire community joins in on the festivities!  Click HERE or HERE for city information.
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