Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Had an Itch to Etch

I'm seeing SPOTS....now that is. Well POLKA DOTS to be exact. And I love the way they sparkle.

But before the thoughts of dots, these spectacular wine glasses had to glimmer their way through the test of time. Most of them anyway. For example, with the large size, you might think the set of 12 is missing 2. Nope. In fact, the set of "8" comes with TWO spares!! See what I mean???

And the silver rims...so pretty. Worn on a few of the glasses, but that's the charm of vintage elegance.

I wanted to perk up the personality of these glasses and what better way than to etch an itch, uhm, scratch an etch...I mean itch an etch...I mean etch the GLASS! (*whew*)

My sweetest Junk Sister cut me a few sheets of dots on her CriCut (love it!) and I also found a few different size punches. After painstakingly arranging randomly placing the vinyl dots, I applied glass etching cream, wait, rinse, and wow. Fab!

As much as I'd love to sip a bit of wine out of each and every one...these sweeties will be found at JunkFest 2010. See you there!


  1. Melissa, love, love, love youur creations!! Janna

  2. Oooo...Melissa, these are lovely...polka dots are the perfect touch! Laurel

  3. You are so brave!!!! Those are adorable!!!!!

  4. Adorable! Glad to see you've been using your new found knowledge of etching - I haven't yet but have some ideas. These are just great!

    Wonderful post!

  5. Polka dots are classic! These look like something my grandmother Maybelle would have used...and she was a classic too!

  6. SUPER CUTE, Missy....I love them!!

  7. Those are fab! Those cricuts seem pretty handy!!

  8. I would be scared to death to try such a project, but you did it beautifully!
    BTW...check the stems for markings. Those look like some I had years ago that I sold for boo coo bucks.

  9. Love, Love, Love. These turned out so good. Off to the glass isle at the flea market this weekend!

  10. Wow! Those are really cool!

  11. AAAHHH! Absolutely loving this! What an awesome, fun way to dress up some glasses -- great job!!!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses! What a fantastic job. The polk-a-dots makes them look so elegant.

  13. This is a great project! I love polka dots and your glasses look fabulous.



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