Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like AUTUMN...

Happy Weekend! Last night's high school football game was a great reminder that AUTUMN is here and in full force! The evening was crisp and clear (no wind - yeah!), the football field lights burned bright against the evening sky, and the smell of a burning wood stove in a nearby neighborhood filled the air. I truly adore the season of FALL. It really got me in the mood to FINALLY dig out my fall decorations!

On a recent junk jaunt, I picked up this adorable gage. Cute, huh? I thought this basket of fall leaves and Indian corn needed a little embellishing...

I've had this single sunflower for years. I think last year it sat under a cloche, but this year I hung it off center on an old crib frame and sat it on the mantel above the fireplace.

I like the graphic look of it. I just know my almost 16 year old will have something to say about a crib piece on the mantel, but I'll just remind him his job is to focus on FOOTBALL - not my decorating ideas!

Okay...I have ALOT more to dig out, so I better get my butt back to work. There'll be lots of fall and Halloween decor to come. I haven't usually gone all-out for Halloween before, but in the thrift store I happily found some great fake "web" for 39 cents a bag and have a fun idea for it - so stay tuned!


  1. Love that gage, love that chippy window, love that crib frame...LOVE IT always!!!
    Wish I could have see you fun junkin' ladies at time I hope. Take care, Laurel

  2. Stunning as always! I'm waiting til the family goes back to school and work this week...then my newly found crib springs are coming out! :)

  3. that gage in that old white window is a great combo! and love the single sunflower, can't wait to see the rest of your Fall decor!

  4. Love the guage, love the window, love the crib spring...heck, I just love it all!

  5. More please...that was hardly enough!

  6. Andrea, you always do a great job! Simple and classy. It almost makes me in the mood for fall ;)

  7. Andrea you never sleep!
    I need help... email me the scoop on the blogger button... how do I make one for my own self.???

  8. Glad you liked my gauge, Andrea... :) I had just bought it not too long ago at another occasional sale, and than hadn't used it, so a ticket was slapped on it, and while it put it there I thought of you. Ha ha, behold you bought it. Too fun!
    Love what you've done here with showcasing it.


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