Friday, October 1, 2010

Junky Fall Wreath...

Today we're linking up to Vintage Inspiration Friday #5 with Debra over at Common Ground. This lovely gal has a wonderful blog, so please check her out!
Are you anything like me and love wreaths? I mean LOVE them? For some weird reason I gotta have them hung up for whatever season is in season. A couple years ago in the grocery store I bought this one for $4. (Okay, and is it weird I always remember exactly what I paid for stuff?)

I fell in love with this large, fabulous wooden pulley I got as a junk gift (a/k/a free!) from a farmer last summer. I knew way back then I wanted to hang a wreath from it.

(Again, is it weird to think and ponder on obscure things for like, an entire year?!)I knew the wreath needed to attach underneath the hook somehow as not to cover up the cool pulley. Plus, if I just hung it on the pulley it would fall off. So, out came my trusty wire cutter. No fear. I knew I could wire the wreath back together once it was "strung" through the hole where the hook attaches to the pulley.


That was a mouthful.To the pulley a brass coin thingy was added with a dab of Gorilla glue for a little "zip".The finished project. See, you can't even tell it's been wired back together.A girl could go crazy and clip-on miniature Indian corn, a burlap bow, etc., but I decided to leave it as-is since there's enough going on:
It appears Halloween EXPLODED here!

It looks awesome lit up at night though!

Oh, and another thing...I am a number freak! What do you think of the LARGE old metal gas station numbers? Dang. I once saw these used as chargers under glass plates on a table scape!
(I am SO gonna use that idea someday!)

Again, too weird?

I betcha my junk girlfriends wouldn't think so!


  1. Everything looks great...I'm trying to picture the numbers as chargers....have to ponder that one for a while!

  2. Oh I am SO LOVIN' your pully wreath....We don't really 'do' wreaths down here but you've just inspired me to go out onto the deck & experiment with some curly willow I have floating around.... :o) !!

    Gas station numbers.... ** purrrrrr ** ....I bought 38 while I was in the US....hahahahaha....YEP....LOVE my numbers....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. That is such an ingenuous way to hang the wreath. I like all the stuff on your mantel. Is that a heating grate I see up there?

  4. love your exploded halloween decorations
    thanks for sharing

  5. I love that Halloween has exploded on your mantle...gets me in the mood for fall looking at it. I wish I would plan things out more...I'm always a day late and a dollar short!

  6. Yep! I love that pully thing with the wreath...great idea...and the mantel looks awesome...perfect numbers!
    New follower....visiting from Debra's VIF!
    Tammy :-)

  7. Your mantle is wonderful!! LOVE those numbers 31...too cool and the black mantle itself is awesome!! Great vision and creativity with that wreath and pulley, it really works for Fall! So glad you joined in for VIF, and thanks for the kind words, sorry it took me so long to come by. Have a great week!


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