Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Wine Storage

Good morning junkers! My junk buddie, Cassie, gave me this awesome colored hose reel for my birthday last year! She knows me well as I have Robin's egg blue as an accent color in my family room. When summer finally rolled around, I decided to bring this cutie upstairs to use for wine storage. A little re-purpose, so to speak. It worked great for keeping bottles close at hand when friends popped in for a visit.And since I have a little blue in the dining room, it matched well with the rug under the table.

I refuse to think summer is over just because school has started again! We up here in the North are praying the remainder of our summer days are warm and dry. How about we toast to it?!


  1. You should be in Texas...
    it's warm and dry!!! I'll have some wine waiting for you... you bring the hose reel!!!

    That Cassie... I like how she knows you so well!

    LOVE it!!!

  2. Oh...I just love this! Hope I can stumble upon one of these soon.


    Starview Sonnet

  3. oh my what a great repurposing treat!
    Love the color!!

  4. This is the coolest idea! I would say...ever...but you guys already have a million cool idea!

  5. Perfect repurpose....I love it!

  6. Oooh! That is so darn sweet. Love the color and the new purpose!


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