Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did you enjoy some holiday overload?

Feeling like you're on a "holiday hangover"?
I personally have a hard time letting go of the holiday season, and keep the decorations up for as long as I can.  I didn't get my Christmas goodies posted prior to the holiday simply because I was getting my house in order for both mine and my hubby's families for our Christmas celebration.
Here is one of our trees decked with none other than burlap, antlers and pheasant feathers.
And the second tree is fake so I was able to feed the "stem" through the old pedal firetruck and reattach the base below. 
And of course I used a bit of "pin"spiration to make a cocoa bar for our families.

Creative use of surfaces for chalkboards is my FAVE! 
It's super easy to switch them up for different seasons.


And since I was hosting, I decided to throw what I hope is a new holiday tradition to our families!
It's a family art project!!!
I printed on paper several items to draw that depicted some of our favorite family fun.  Then everyone had to pick one of the pieces of paper from a box and draw the item.
The artists ranged in age from 6-56 !!!  It was amazing fun!!


Teeny disclaimer:  I had prepared the paper by drawing the kitchen and large white tree with my projector, (no, I'm not THAT good!) in order to have some starting points for the other objects.

We had a super fabulous day with lots of laughs.  Family is everything!!



And what do you do with an ugly ceiling fan hanging from an ugly ceiling?  Inspiration from a friend...adorn it with hats and stockings!


  1. Your family art project is genius! What great memories for the little ones!
    Seeing your adorable trees and decor makes me feel like a slacker. LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree in the vintage pedal car! Nicely done !

  2. Everything looks so warm and festive Missy!...I am a sucker for the pedal car tree also.... TOO CUTE!!


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