Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Ode to Winter

Winter, Oh Winter
..why do you have to be so frickin cold?!
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
* * * * * *
ha ha

Look at these wrought iron doors,
the LOVE of my winter garden.

(soon to be an awesome spring/summer garden trellis)

I also added some colorful ornaments to a tree branch that has a cement base:

* My friend was looking for some unique and pretty decor for her step daughters wedding reception.
Branches were the answer folks!
They are usually free and, when all decked out, they can add such a romantic atmosphere!
She "potted" many branches in apple buckets using Quickcrete,
then added those super thin wire lights and also hung some clear glass drops.

I acquired some of her "trees" after the reception was over.
I have set them in my house
 (they added a festive touch to the corners of my dining room at Thanksgiving and Christmas)
 and I have set them outside.
The one pictured below has stood up to all kinds of wind and blizzard-like weather.
I just love seeing the bright colored ornaments when I walk up to the house!
(plastic ornaments from, colorful and no fear of broken glass!)

This peacock blue ribbon from Hobby Lobby 
got wrapped around lots of things,  
it added gorgeous color to some dreary winter days.
This is one of the cement orbs that my son made.

I bought this old cement urn on a junking trip with the girls
I hope the boxwood shrub survives

Then, on Pinterest,
 I saw what a creative soul did with some old, white, glass globes.
You know the ones, from grandma's old light fixtures.
(usually on hand at your local thrift store)
She tucked clear christmas lights inside and plugged them in.

They add such a cool glow to her garden!!

at night

So easy to do, So fun, So creative.
Check them out at:

I had some of these globes in my junk stash!

I topped an iron urn with a grinding stone to make a "table". Then I placed an evergreen wreath on top of that, stuffed my glass globe with lights and placed it in the center. ** I did wrap some twine around the base of the globe and tied it to the wreath…I also anchored the wreath to the grinding stone with wire so everything would be able to stand up to our North Dakota winter winds!

See how it glows at night?
I love it right outside my window!

Although winter is not really my favorite time of year,
* I am a beach girl at heart *
there are some things that can really make it glow…
like old glass globes, bright ornaments, colored ribbons
 fun days shopping for warm hats...

Don't they make great hat models!?!


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