Monday, June 23, 2014

Friday Night Event tickets on sale this Saturday!!

Friday Night Tickets
go on sale this Saturday
June 28th!

Tickets for the private Friday evening event will go on sale June 28th.
  Quantities are limited so when they're gone...they're gone. 
 Mark your calendar now cause they'll go FAST!

Tickets are $35 each
and includes:
Early Bird Shopping, Catered Refreshments, a Gift from the JunkFest Girls,
and your Saturday admission to the Flea Market

To order your tickets (not until June 28), 

 If you can't reach your computer or Ipad because you're fishing or getting a manicure or something
...never fear...
you can call Missy at 701-653-5707.  

*Orders for tickets will not be accepted
 on facebook or by text.*


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