Friday, January 8, 2010

Radiator Bar...JunkFest'09

While I was looking through some photos of JunkFests past, I realized that I had not posted a slide show from this past year's sale. Let me tell you, there were some great things to be had! Soon I'll put together a slide and post it here for those of you that couldn't be there or just don't know what a JunkFest is. Then, you'll want to mark you calendars for this year's sale!

Here's a look at one of my pieces for JF'09, which sold within the first minute of the doors opening!

This is my version of a home bar, junk style!

My husband (aka, Great White Hunter) brought this old metal radiator cover home one day and said "Can you do anything with this?" After the shock wore off (jeez, maybe he does get it?!) and letting it sit in storage for, like, ever, I decided to make it into a home bar. I don't have a "before" pic of the vintage wooden footboard that I used as the top, but you'll soon see it.

I decided to cut a hole in the back side for know, bar-like glasses, booze, wine, etc...Don't ask me what I used to cut that hole, just know that I now have a brand-spankin' new angle grinder that I got for Christmas, thank-you-very-much. I don't want Donna from Funky Junk Interiors (queen of power tools!) to know the truth. For those of you that know this story, my dremel does too still work!
Anyway, I painted up a board before cutting it to fit and reinforcing to the inside of the radiator.
For logistical reasons, I was only able to use one shelf for storage....which really means, I'm no engineer here folks!
Below you'll get a sketchy view of the footboard. The matching headboard is in my daughter's bedroom. After attaching it to the rad. top, I sanded it down and painted it black. The bar was a bit top heavy and tippy, so I reinforced the back side with some weight at the bottom.
I had planned on using an automobile spray paint on the metal part. I really liked the finish of the auto paint, so I used it on the entire piece. Oh, and I used some wood trim to finish off the cut metal hole.

Since I didn't want light passing through the hole in the back to the large vented area on the front, I installed a large sheet of masonite (painted black) to the inside.
After painting the entire piece black, I realized it was just too dark, so I sanded down some areas on the top of the bar to look like natural wear marks. Then came several coats of polyeurathane.

It's still wet!

There's just enough room for 2 or 3 bar stools in the front.

And here she is, all tricked out for JunkFest with some beverage glasses and an adult game of Partini! I had one strand of white Christmas lights hanging inside that would have shown through those slats under the ledge (had we got them plugged in prior to this pic!)

A view of the back.

In this pic below you can see the string of lights....and four junk girls ready for a cocktail!!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for JunkFest 2010....Saturday, September 11!
Oh! And...check out Shanty 2 Chic's "I Made It Without My Hubby" linky party!
I'm also joining in on Donna's Saturday Night here to see all the talent!
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  1. That is so cool! And inspiring too.

  2. I want to live by all of you! You are all so cool!

  3. Wow! That is flipping brilliant! Love this.

  4. A footboard and a radiator...who'd a thunk it??? This piece was a ONE OF A KIND RE-PURPOSE and it turned out absolutely FABULOUS!If only you all could have seen it in was to die for! I know it was "love at first sight" for the gal who bought it...and for her boyfriend too!...he couldn't wait to get it home in time for his next football party. Great job,Cassie!

  5. Do not think for one minute that your constant making and funking up of bars and wine bottle holders and well...alcohol oriented things, doesn't go unnoticed by me. What is up with you and your creative, alcoholic juices? I love this! Partini on! ~Mindy

  6. HOLEY MOLEY!!!! A stunning transformation. Another spectacular junk fest project. You guys are soooo inspiring!

  7. Ooo-I want one! Now is that a "RAD"iator or a "RADE"iator?

  8. Cassie...great pictures you took of your bar for everyone to see! It was a major stylin' piece at Junk Fest and it proudly sat right in the front of our building where it belonged. It was gorgeous (if you couldn't tell by the pics!)

    And yes, Mindy, it does seem we four "have creative, alcoholic juices" flowing regarding some of our junk pieces...may you drool your way to North Dakota and check out Junk Fest in September! (hint, hint)! Andrea

  9. Hi Cassie - I love what you did with the radiator. So cool, clever, and professionally done. I love when I find a great site thru the link parties. I have subscribed to your feed and am looking forward to seeing what you guys are up to. I have always wanted to travel to see your part of the country, Junk Fest, might be the reason I will finally get to.

  10. Cassie you are too funny with the tools. Hey a girl has to get a job done anyway we know how, right? This piece turned out way cool! I hope to get up there this Sept. Looks like a lot of fun things to see and buy!

  11. That is AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY amazing. I am inspired!!

  12. Wow! that is one RAD radiator cover...I love the footboard turned bar counter... that's an I-good-dea!

  13. Wow, what a great transformation. The bar looks great. I've never heard of a Junk Fest, but it sounds very interesting.

  14. Holy Crap I love it!!! NEVER would I have thought. Hugs, Janna

  15. Holey Misuse of Tools!!! What a beauty you created here! I'm so in love with it.

    BTW.. one time I used my buddy Dan's brand new chisel to remove nails while tearning down a barn. He stopped me in a real hurry. Dunno why. Duh.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  16. One of my many favorites at the sale!! Cassie, your hard work paid off with this awesome piece, what a transformation!

  17. That bar is cool! I love it when hubby brings free stuff home for me. I agree with the thought of, "maybe he's finally getting it!" I also like the distressing. The black was a little dark. Nice work!

  18. I've seen some cool repurposed items, but this is way out there fantastic! I love it.

  19. Great transformation! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hey girls, I am hosting my first linky party--please join me!

  21. great transfomation! it looks fun, funky and cool.

  22. What a great idea! Looks wonderful!

    Kat :)

  23. What an awesome looking BAR...LOVE it! I like what I'm seeing have a new FRIEND!
    Hope you have a FUN weekend!

  24. I'm so glad you posted this to FFF! I know I already commented, but this is an awesome piece. I'm not surprised at all that it sold so quickly.

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