Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Junker's Challenge...Superbowl style!

We've been busy here at JunkFest implementing some cool, junky ways of serving up game-time treats....just in time for Superbowl Sunday!

Pick your beverage...whether it be soda, domestic or imported beers, or even wine, galvanized is the way to chill! Just add ice...or snow like we do here in the upper mid-west and you're set.

Now that you've got your beverage, grab a plate and let's get started. Below is Andrea's oh-so-perfectly-rusted plate rack, which once housed vinyl record albums. This find was pure junk serendipity!

Add some tarnished silver to the mix, as SweetMelissa did here with her pretzels and we've got another great patina in the starting line-up.

Where to set that pizza? Well, any old cutting board will do, but if you happen to have one of these just laying around...score!

This is a piece I picked up in Oronoco a couple of summers ago. Some clever junker either found or cut a piece of wood to fit perfectly on these old wood-stove legs. After cleaning up that wood and conditioning it with food-grade oil, it's ready to roll. Works great for cheese & crackers too.

Prompt your messy eaters to clean up after themselves with rolled napkins neatly tucked into the base of an old clock.

Who wouldn't want to eat their vegetables when they're stylishly served on an ornate rusty old grate?

No time to roll up those fancy Vanity Fair napkins? No problem! Just set out a roll of paper towels. Mine is resting comfortably on the base of I-don't-know-what, with a vintage curtain rod inserted into it.

Chips 'n salsa....a staple in our house....fits quite nicely on an old bulk scale.

More salt anyone? Don't forget those beverages on ice! You'll need those to wash down the peanuts and pistachios.

Here, I've used an old wooden capital base, inverted and holding a plate of salted-in-the-shells.

Don't forget the potato chips (did I mention salt?) and dip...ala light fixture and mason jar.

And for you sweet tooths out there (you know who you are) this tiered dish of treats needs no further instruction!

There you have it folks! Time to get your game on! Please enter the link to your blog post (not your blog) about your creative, crazy, or funky ideas for those game time goodies. And...don't forget to mention this challenge in your post so you can share all these great ideas with fellow junkers!

Of course I wouldn't forget Funky Junk Interior's Saturday Night Special....check out the talent folks! Just click on Donna's button on the sidebar....another great party!

SNS #127


  1. love all of these ideas.
    what time is the party cass?

  2. Can I come to your Super Bowl Party? LOL! Wish you lived closer :( I have to get my thinkin' cap on now and get some ideas going. As soon as I start feeling a little better. Great ideas, gals!


  3. Love the 'drank' bucket.
    I'd love to grab my plate from one of them thar record album holders.
    and... the chip and dip light fixture,whew, you thought of everything.
    But SAM-ICHES?
    great ideas...REALLY!

  4. I Love all of your ideas!! It makes me want to have a party!!
    Poppyseeds, Stanwood, WA

  5. Cassie,
    Again I say...........I will come and clean-up and take it all off your hands! Love this post!!!!!!
    Smiles, alice

  6. How fun! Unfortunately my husband wants to be a fuddy-duddy this year for Super Bowl time, so we're not having a gathering. I LOVE the word cards around the food and drink! Have fun girls!

  7. I just love the way you used some of your junk! Especially the serving piece for the pizza, the scale as the chip & dip server, and the napkin holder. Very fun & functional. I wish I had something to share, but I am not hosting the party this year!

  8. Wow! You have some really nifty servers there, girl! I am impressed with your ingenuity!

  9. I am so loving your glad I found you..... your photos are fabulous....the whole blog is delcious ..come visit, Dianne

  10. I love your set up!! It looks fantastic!

    I saw your comment on my blog and took your advice to link up. Thanks for letting me know about it!

    ~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

  11. Love all the creative ways you put your junk to use! Especially loving the pizza stand, i have 3 bathtub claw feet (got them for $5 cause they werent a full set) and now I think this would be the perfect way to use them! Thanks for inspiring me..

  12. Hahaha this is sooo awesome! LOVE everything I see, but that chips and salsa thing... you're waaaay out there in a good way, girl. Fabulous!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

  13. I can't link cuz I don't even (gasp) watch the game! But I do have to comment cuz I covet that re-purposed record rack. Wow, that is ridiculously cool.

  14. This is just way to cool for only one post. My junkin' hat's off to you! I'm not sure which idea I like the best--maybe the old record stand turned plate rack. Awesome job, girl.

  15. You girls know how to party with junk style! Can we come just for the decor?

  16. Have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    its like yu have read my mind and make them true! have to become a reader, cant stop myself! You will be hearing a lot of me in the future!!

    And love that supernbowl party. SO COOL!

  17. Will you email me? I have an invitation for you and couldn't find an email on your blog anywhere.
    alchemyjunk AT gmail DOT com
    Thanks a bunch!

  18. Surprise:

    You are on 10 Best Junk Collector Blogs

    Also check your emails...dianne

  19. That tarnished silver made me think about some of the old stuff we have in boxes in the garage. My husband was in Afghanistan for Superbowl, and I can't bear to do sports without him, so I skipped it altogether. But he should be home in time for the Stanley Cup Final, so I'm going to head out to the garage and start looking for some of that cool old stuff. You guys know how to throw a party!!

  20. i don't even watch football but i would have joined you for some good fun...snacks...and a chance to see all those fabulous junkfest creations!
    well done girls!

    looooove it!
    beth :)


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