Friday, March 19, 2010

Hence...from this Day Forward... will no longer be prepared on THIS stove. Oh, I know. That rule will only last until "they" get hungry. But you see, I've finally made a few visual enhancements to the area. Finally!

The first thing I did was repaint the backsplash towards the sink a lighter, almost coconut color. I loved the butterscotch I had previously put there, but seriously, the coconut went better with the chocolate wall and soffit. I love that my walls look like desert a collection of some of my favorite colors. Then added a couple of those plastic faux tin tiles, from a home store, behind the stove. They're awesome...might pick up a few more and do the rest of the backsplash.

Then I added some "L" brackets behind the stove. This is because my counters are extra deep, causing the stove to be over 3 inches away from the wall. The "L" brackets are for a special metal pan I picked up at Second Hand Rose in MN. It was intended for seasonings...but when I saw how nicely this was coming together I grabbed a few of my sweet ironstone milk pitchers and put them in the pan.

Now who would want splattered spaghetti sauce on that?! No. More. Cooking.

Did part of this post

sound like desert?

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  1. I agree!
    Who would want spaghetti sauce on that?!

    It looks the walls- faux real!

  2. I am so stealing this idea!! It's brilliant.

  3. Oh it looks awesome! We are debating using this for an entire backsplash in our kitchen. I'd love your feedback if you ever get a chance to check it out (on the Fixer Upper tab on my site).

    BTW - thanks for all of the inspiration. You all are incredible with your decorating skills.

  4. Who needs to eat when you have the yummiest backsplash ever!? Love it! Such a clever use of the L brackets and pan!! It looks beautiful with the pitchers and flowers. A+, Missy!

  5. That looks great. Love those tin tiles and what a great idea to cover up that gap.

  6. Gorgeous! I wouldn't cook on it now either! =)

  7. Looks great. Another vote for no cooking. ;)
    The tiles are plastic or tin? I don't think I've seen plastic ones. DD2 is talking about using tin on her kitchen backsplash.

  8. I love it! It looks sooo great!

  9. So nice to have that extra space there to play with, good job!

  10. The pitcher collection is adorable. The faux tin is great.

  11. That. Looks. Fabulous! OMG Love it love it!!!

  12. Wow... that area absolutely sparkles! What a pleasure to just go in the room and LOOK. Cooking is so overrated. :)

    Thanks for linking it up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  13. So perfect! I love how your project turned out.


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