Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inspired Living...It's More Than a Feeling

Week two of SYTYCD is up and running. Nine decorators left...who will YOU vote for? This week's theme is "Catalog Inspired".

What inspires you?

To join in on the fun, and check out the competition, head on over to "So You Think You Can Decorate" and see for yourself the awesome talent involved in the contest.

Comfortable, casual living...often inspired by mail order catalogs, is more than a's a state of mind. Does your living room invite you to sit back, relax, maybe settle in with a good read? Are you surrounded by colors and textures that are pleasing to the eye, harmonious with your lifestyle? Here at JunkFest, it's about surrounding yourself with treasures you love, with an unexpected twist!

With just one living area in our home (many have both formal and informal living rooms) I wanted the furniture to be comfortable, inviting guests to sit back, kick up their feet and stay awhile. I like to incorporate some of my junk-style infused pieces for fun and interest, such as the small side table made from a rusty grate and a cream separator base. The rusted wall shelf, which holds portraits and empty frames was crafted from vintage tin crown moulding.

Unexpected textures such as rustic crates or primitive wood bowls, well-used in another era, evoke a casual feel.

Time-worn clock faces embellish these baskets, and help to anchor in the darker accessories in the room.

The vintage typewriter holds memories of ancestors and a simpler time. Architechtural elements and a perfectly patina'd wash stand-turned-table add character.

Catalogs, such as Sundance, Pottery Barn, or Ballards are now offering vintage replicated pieces at a premium....but comfortable, casual living doesn't have to cost much.

Has inspiration found you? Remember to vote for your favorite projects at SYTYCD.

(JunkFest is #5 on the vote box)

More than a Feeling. It's a State of Mind.


  1. Love all the unexpected touches! Is the guest room down the hall? :)

  2. These are great photos. I love the old typewriter holding the black and whites. Beautiful things all around...

  3. Amazing room! I don't even know which vignette to look at first! I'll take it all, thanks! :) Those clock faces on the baskets??? How cool is that!


  4. Terrific room, very creative and unique. well done indeed.

  5. You really captured the PB look. I love all of the clock faces in the room. Very cool!

  6. You have the most beautiful style. I just discovered your blog and can't wait to look around. Thank you for inspiring others!

  7. Hey sista!!
    LOVE the green...the green, the green, the green. Also, the clock faces OMG

  8. I love the old clock faces on the baskets. Way fun. Love your blog!

  9. Love the photos. Yes feeling the inspiration. It's all about what you love. what tells about YOU!! I like the part about stuff you love with an unexpected twist! Everybody loves a unique and sometimes whimsical approach! Thanks for sharing a great post.

  10. I am ready to move in!!! This looks so comfortable yet classy! You got great taste, girl!

    H meme

    H is for?
    Heraclitus of Ephesus, who said:
    "...that you cannot step into the same river twice, for new waters are ever flowing in upon you." Heraclitus, was intrigued about measured and balanced processes. And I see them here in your images...the design flow...and rhythmic patterns!

  12. this is junk?...oh my...i think it is all beautifully put together...i want my house to be filled with junk!

  13. I do love this which is why I voted for you again this week!

    Thanks for sharing your Happy House in your H post.


  14. looking at the pics of your home ... the word Harmonious comes to mind :)

  15. I could be very HAPPY sitting amidst any or all of what you've shown in your photos! Holy Toledo!

  16. Beautiful. What amazing ingenuity and creativity.

  17. Great touches!
    Following you over from Shabby Chic Cottage!
    I am a follower!
    Please stop by!

  18. I do not know if my comment was accepted , sorry.

    Anyways, I love your post and blog.

    Happy Thursday!





  19. I love what you did this week. Very inspiring. So much so, I was inspired and posted my inspiration on my blog.

  20. Love your style, with the mix of old and new! I have that same shelf!

  21. I love junk and I love what you do with yours!!!

  22. I love the red faced clock! Would you tell me where I could get one? Thanks. Love your ideas!

  23. I love the rusted wall shelf! Where did you find such a deep piece and did you make it?

  24. Gorgeous stuff! I'll come along on your next foray......

  25. Hey, thanks for all the great comments!
    Arlene, I found the clock at JCPenney online less than 2 years ago...I think they still carry it.
    Anonymous...I purchased the shelf from another junker who constructed it.

  26. I love everthing you've done here, in particular the old clock faces on the baskets. What a great idea. Your home looks warm and inviting, but the last word I would use to describe your decor is junk! It's beautiful. Kathy

  27. You have a lovely home! I really like the shelf over the couch. I wouldn't think to put up empty frames like that, it really works well.

  28. Hello! Where in the world did you get all those amazing clock faces? Please share!


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