Friday, April 16, 2010

Meant to be.

Anyone that's been to JunkFest knows. If you didn't get in the door when the ribbon was cut you might have missed it. Missed what? Well, purt near everything! Within a few hours the scenery changes by quite a bit, as happy shoppers gleefully envision their new prize in their home or garden.

But...there are a few things...a few lost little pieces that don't get adopted on JunkFest Day. So sad. Such is what happened to these two lonely souls. The simple cloche made sweet with a broken marble doorknob on top, and the empty (but not without grand potential) gold frame. Can you see them?

Never fear. I am not disappointed you see, as selling items at JunkFest is often bittersweet for us. Because as true junkers....WE also love all those items too!!! So the lost is found...the cloche and frame have found their place.

Fumbling through a songbook for odds and ends "placemats" I swept across a song entitled "Gentle Annie". It immediately brought visions of my Grandmother Anna (Annie to most) to mind...the sweetest, most gentle, soft hearted woman I ever knew. I smiled inside and knew this sheet was not be be used as a surface protector. Flipping a few pages farther, the most astonishing thing came before my eyes. A song entitled "They All Love Jack"! My Grandfather's name was John (Jack by all his friends) and he was truly a well liked and very much a fun loving man!!

Finding those two songs in the same book felt like they were meant to be together...just like my Grandparents, who had been married for 63 years, 3 months, and 18 days, and when they passed, did so within months of each other.

A copy of their wedding photo in sepia tone blended nicely with the aged sheet music. Who said frames needed to be filled with paintings, when they can simply be filled with things we love.

The cloche also found it's place near the large frame. Sitting upon a metal do-dad, and again sheet music as a "placemat". I played with a few ideas for what to put in the cloche, starting with my Grandmother's garden gloves and Grandfather's hanky. They were a good match to the Grandparent "theme" I had going on but didn't seem quite right in the cloche.

Then I tried a sweet little tree my sister brought me from Brazil. It also looked good in the cloche but maybe wasn't exactly the fit for this time around.

Then I remembered I had recently picked up a happy little bluebird at a convenience store of all places. With spring in the air and the mix of colors atop the sheet music...this was the perfect fill for the cloche for this display.

I love how my area turned out, it brings a smile to me as I pass by. Maybe our junk shoppers will see the junk in a different way this year, knowing the possibilities are endless when incorporating "junk" into a display in your own home. Will these two items be back on the block at JunkFest 2010? We'll just have to see.


  1. It all looks so great ve got to keep them!!

  2. It was meant to be this way! Birds are such a favorite....remembering that "even the least of these" God cares about. And old family photographs and just the world "sepia"...wonder about the origin, could it be the color when seeped in tea!!! Thank you for sharing things that are special to you....debbie

  3. Absolutely loooove your little birdie and the cloche.. gorgeous and also loove the frame effect.. stunning .. TFS
    Lou xx

  4. How sweet the way these items play off one another and just go together.
    Like bread and butter.

    I think it is a wonderful thing to honor your grandparents in such a way.

  5. My sweetie and I have decorated the front room in our home with large black and white photos of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They are large, graphic, and everyone has a story. I LOVE the photo with the music sheets. Beautiful!

  6. Oh my goodness that birdie in the cloche oh so cute ! OH love the whole look! TFS!

  7. Well, you KNOW I love the cloche already, but the photo of your grandparents hanging in the frame with the sheet music so perfectly titled?! HELLO! LOVE IT. You know how sentimental I am about the ancestors...this is just perfecto! You are so smart.


  8. This is lovely. And the bluebird is certainly working his magic because it made me smile, too! Thank you!

  9. Oh my...more tears. You and Cassie are really tugging at my heartstrings this morning. What a beautiful post, Missy!

    Yes...your grandparents were indeed an adorable, loving couple. And they seem to have passed their love and kind nature on to each generation to follow.

    Happy memories!

  10. Great idea with the frame!

    thanks for sharing it.


    barbara jean

  11. I really like how you used the hanger of the frame to drape the photo and music--such a wonderful idea.


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