Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking flight...

This past weekend, my daughter and I were visiting my parents' farm. It was a beautiful sunny spring day, so we decided to take a walk down a little prairie road that leads to a creek. This is not an unusual occurrence. I spent many childhood hours on that prairie road, either by foot or by bike...occasionally on horseback. Every trip I've taken down it as an adult is full of nostalgia. I'm swept back to another time...a very easy, carefree time, where as a child, I was unaware of life's stresses...I had my parents and my siblings (all 5 of them!) to rely on.
There are always treasures to be found alongside this little road, or near the creek, or even in the adjacent pasture. Sparkly rocks...weathered wood. Sometimes we get lucky enough to catch the crocuses blooming in all their spring glory. On this particular day I came across the tiniest little nest...with remnants of pale blue egg shells in the bottom.
I picked up the nest, which had obviously been's purpose having been served. As I wondered about the baby birds, I couldn't help but think about some other "babies" leaving their nests. High school graduation will soon be here, and my three junk sisters are preparing to send their babies off into this big old world.

I know this happens every year to millions of parents and their children. It's a bittersweet occasion. But these three graduates have turned out to be fine young men with very promising futures. Some of you may know them. If you've ever been to JunkFest, chances are you saw them there. These are our cream-of-the-crop "junk hunks." None of them had to be there....they certainly weren't being paid...unless you call a free lunch "payment." They were there because they believed in what their Mothers were doing. They even brought their friends along to help. They did what was asked of them with smiles on their faces....not a single complaint.




I wish these young men the best in their future endeavors. I know they'll go far. And my hat goes off to the parents that gave them their wings and encouraged them to fly.


  1. Thanks, Cassie...great post for the boys! And yes, they are all awesome!

  2. Very poignant, the circle of life!

  3. Hey Cassie,
    Aren't boys/sons just the greatest gift ever!!!!

  4. that nest is so lovely... makes me smile.

    miss you guys!

  5. Lovely and so meaningful post...
    Country Blessings,

  6. Oh Cassie, what a beautiful, beautiful post. I love this. Thank you.

  7. What an incredibly beautiful post. I wish these three young men (dba: "junk hunks") the very best of luck!!! Ah... what life has in store for them!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  8. Cassie,

    Thanks for the nice post on the boys! It is definitely a bittersweet time...I'm excited for Colin but sad for his dad and me! We are just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of his senior year...(without me bawling)!


  9. Cassie...thanks for the great word picture!!! Have 3 that have already left the nest. Have one home for some years yet!!! debbie

  10. *tears* Do you ever have those days...where so many things are just so touching and heartfelt? This is the most beautifully written post that I've read in a long time, Cassie. Love the photos, too.

    Happy Spring!

  11. What an awesome tribute Cassie, to some awesome young men. Loved the post and so fun to see the boys of these special Moms I've come to know.
    Loved the birds nest and how you worked that into the story too.
    Can't wait to see the 4 of you.

  12. Cassie, you are going to make me cry!! That is just the sweetest post ever! Thank you for taking the time to create it,and thank you for the kind and touching words about our boys. I know we will all miss them terribly, but we are also excited to see what kind of place they carve for themselves in this big ole world! You are right, Andrea..."bittersweet" is the word! Lynette

  13. I was not planning to cry thanks !!! fab post

  14. Amen! It's great when kids grow up to be such fine, helpful adults; greater when someone notices and writes about it like you did!

  15. thank you for making my eyes leak ... it makes typing a comment much more difficult. Great tribute to some wonderful kids and their parents!!!

  16. What a wonderful post. Those three guys are very handsome. I know they will have a bright future. Great N post with the old bird's nest and young men leaving the nest.

  17. A fine post, and one that is fitting to this household...a love of birds, and a son that just graduated from HS last May...Peace

  18. I'm not crying this time cuz I already read this post yesterday.

    So there.

    Oh wait. Let me put on my Mrs. Matlock hat for a moment.

    Miss Cassie.

    Welcome to Class. Be warned to stay away from PJ and Betty. They are often the class troublemakers.

    I do not allow any shenanigans in my class.

    Your post is very nice and I found it to be a pleasant stop on my little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "N"!

    Your Grade is an A+

  19. Cassie, just hopping on for a moment to tell you not to take Mrs. Matlock too personally. She is pretty cranky today...too much chalk dust I think.

    I thought your post was great and PJ and Betty are ornery.

  20. What a lovely post - what great young men.

  21. What great kids! (I guess I should say young men, not kids.)

  22. What a nice post about some nice boys!

  23. A very nice post. Best wishes to them all as they leave the nest.

  24. how sweet...all of it, the tidy little nest and the tribute to those handsome young men.

  25. I have 3 teenage daughters who will be wanting to marry these junkhunks - better not let them see this post!


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