Friday, February 11, 2011

Showin' Some Love....Junk Style!

When I was thinking of a title for this post and throwing around ideas like "junky love" or "love, junk style" I kept thinking back to the show "Love, American Style!" Telling you that really dates me, but believe me.....I was really little back then and I don't remember anything about the show.....just the music at the beginning and the star-spangled heart. Anybody else remember the show?

Back to the topic at & junk! Was in Wally World picking up the usual household must-haves when I spotted the end-cap with the flowers. For $17 I picked up a dozen red roses, some seeded eucalyptus, and a bundle of tulips. Below are three quick and easy, very low cost (like the flowers) ideas to show that special junk lover how you feel!

In my box of doo-dads I happened to find this old drawer......must have come from some sort of storage cubby.

Even though it was pretty dirty, the potential was there, and that's all that counts!

I started by removing the label/drawer pull with my tool of choice....a vintage butter knife! Now I can stand it on end.

After cleaning the drawer, I added some dark walnut stain, and reattached the the new front side.

Frenched her up a bit by printing some sappy French phrase on scrapbook paper.

Insert an empty glass votive holder and plop in a few flowers and voila!

For option 2, I went to my local second hand store and came home with a 50 cent glass container.

I had some burlap ribbon and some red & white gingham check that I wrapped around the container and looped through a vintage butterfly hinge.

I added some vintage skeleton keys for some dangly visual interest. Kind of a "key to my heart" symbol....or is that cheesey?

The container for option three came from my shop du 'junque as well. It's a beat up old match holder. Once again, I inserted a clear glass votive holder to house the flowers....and keep them hydrated.

Next come the tulips and some more seeded eucalyptus. By this time I had almost forgotten it was still winter in ND!

Add one vintage music lyre, and we're done!

Showing your love doesn't have to cost a fortune! You are only limited my your imagination!
Happy Valentine's Day.....thanks for stopping by!!

I'm playing show 'n tell over here: Donna's SNS#68.
And here:



  1. Love all 3 ideas!! I get such great inspiration from you!

  2. The lyre was the absolute most perfect note to some wonderful ideas!
    You say cheesy...I say bring on the wine!
    P.S. Little trivia about Love, American Style. The same brass bed was used in every episode...I was looking for antiques even then!

  3. Love them all Cassie! I especially love the drawer with the handle moved to the front, smart thinkin' :) Laurel

  4. Love them all. What great ideas. The hinge as an accent is wonderful.

  5. Gorgeous ideas! I have a mile-long list for wally world. I found just enough room for *tulips*! Yea! Thank you, Cassie...lovely ideas.

  6. Best post ever! I have hopped through tons of blogs today, with photos pulled from the internet, it's refreshing to stop by here and view this awesome post with fantastic ideas! I love each container and what you did. That hinge on the jar looks so adorable too, I do tie keys to most of my gift tags, but this is certainly taking it up a notch. Wonderful!!!

  7. Love these! And no, not cheesy at all :-)

  8. Oh my goodness! You are so clever! I love it all!


  9. I absolutely love all three of these ideas!! Perfect combination of junk and romance! Whodathunkit?!? Happy Valentine's Day ~ Julie

  10. Another brilliant and beautiful project!

  11. Fantastic, Cassie! ..nothing better than rusty, old patinas & beautiful flowers, you did a great job putting them all together!

  12. Beautiful arrangements! I love the idea of using found objects as the vessel. Very creative!

  13. I love all of your "vase" ideas! I love using containers of all kinds in different ways too. Now that I have found your blog, I look forward to reading more. I am a new blogger too, and I would be honored if you would check out and follow my blog as well.

  14. Cute and fun! Nice little tutorial!

  15. Super great ideas! Wished I could 'think' like that....

  16. Just gorgeous, Cassie! Looks like one for each of your junk girlfriends - yes?

  17. You are so full of great inspirational ideas! Love this blog. I have been a friend and follower for quite a while and hope that you will consider same. I appreciate your comments about my centerpiece with the antler sheds.
    Writing this while I rock out to "Love Me Like a Rock. :)

  18. Those are all great ideas! Now I'm really wishing I had bought this thing I saw at Goodwill last weekend... it looked a lot like the wooden piece you showed first.

  19. Oh, I love those keys! Such great inspiration!!


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