Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Three Hours of Bliss.

I don't generally post many of my current an effort to keep the suspense and element of surprise for JunkFest.

But a recent morning of garage sale success has me bubbling over with glee and gratitude, so I'd like to share.

You see...a fact about junkers that is commonly overlooked is our appreciation.

For without the time and effort a homeowner puts into having a garage sale (instead of tossing to the trash)...

or the courtesy call from a business owner, neighbor, or farmer down the road (instead of opting to discard)...

we junkers would have no outlet of opportunity to unleash our creative juices.

These goods are the canvas of OUR art.

Without them we can't do what we do, and we can't be who we are.

We express ourselves by repairing, restoring, refinishing, repurposing, and reinventing.

And so we say "Thank You" for making it possible for us to find our canvas, work our magic and in turn allow you to enjoy a piece that may have been destined to be discarded and forgotten.


  1. You have found some wonderful things to use as your canvas. Will be looking forward to see what your art reveals!

  2. Oh, how I wish WE had Garage Sales! What great treasures :o)

  3. You have found some wonderful treasures there! Hope you have a great show!

  4. were gonna SHARE...right??! Looks like a great haul...Can't wait to see the finished products!

  5. My gosh what great finds! Those pieces are incredible! You are right. We can't be who we are without our beloved junk to inspire us to create! I get all stressed out if I can't work on something for a couple of days - it's my creative outlet and therapy! Keep up the great hunting! ~Leena~

  6. Looks like you made a haul woman! Awesome for you! I look forward to seeing it transformed in September!


  7. And THANK YOU for giving us a tease of some great finds and soon to be transformed treasures.

  8. Great stuff!!! I must live in the worst garage sale area ever!!!! Never anything that good!!!

  9. Yay for you!!! Great post Missy :) Chat soon, Laurel

  10. What great finds..Gotta love garage sales..

  11. *gasp*

    I want to play in that garage...

    ;-D robelyn


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