Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Riddle me This...

Riddle number 1: What tasty delightful yummy beverage do the JunkFest Girls often drink speak of?
Answer: Hmmm...let me think....uhm....WINE!

Riddle number 2: What is wood, red, and has holes in it?

Answer: A "SUPERB" wooden granery door....weathered to perfection!!

What do you get when you put it all together????


After aquiring this fabulous naturally patina'd wood door, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to reinvent it. I've seen Riddling Racks in magazines and in the web world and adore them, but the price tags are usually WAY out of the ballpark.

This was not the time for cordless tools...so I pulled out the Big Dog Drill.

I mapped and planned and dabbled with the placement and number of bottles it could hold.

Kinda looks like a woodpecker with OCD, doesn't it?

I sealed her up with good ole durable polyurethane.

I also built a back rest so it could stand (teepee style). That way it could be be a stand alone piece and not need to be against a wall. The "Superb" is from an old ringer washstand...cute huh?

I hope it's happy in it's new home!!


  1. such a neat idea. love the rustic look and its great for the wine bottles

  2. That is such a completely cool repurpose! That superb plaque at the top is is the perfect finishing touch. Awesome!

  3. Well the is truly a fabulous repurpose! What a neat item by a creative mind!

  4. Perfect!! I have friends who would love something like this....now to find the door!!

  5. I don't even drink wine, and I love it~!!


  6. Ya know? I'd seen these made on tv but never knew they had a real name! I really like yours so much better since the old door and washer label give it much more character than just making one out of stock wood from the hardware store. Don't you love how junk imagination works? Great idea and inspiration! Thanx for sharing! ~Leena~


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