Thursday, July 26, 2012

My heart goes all aflutter for birdcages. And how I made my birdcage chandelier.

There's just no denying it.  I have a thing for birdcages.

I try not to get my feathers ruffled about it (pun intented).

So, what, you might ask, does a junker do with a bird cage when there are no birds?
Well, make a chandelier of course!

I had this decorative cage hanging around the garage for a few years.  My keen-eyed-junk-lovin-sister gave it to me after spotting it at a garage sale.

It didn't have the rusty, aged and worn patina that I generally am drawn to so I bypassed it several times for other projects.  I knew it would be safe, right there in the garage.

Longing to have a chandelier in my bathroom, I finally turned to the lonely birdcage.  It had a light and airy look about it that I thought just might suit this project perfect.

I gathered up some bling from my stash, hanging crystals
(fake crystals, because fake = more $ left for other junk)
and some shiny Christmas garland I hadn't used in awhile.

I had a light kit from a paper lantern store.  They are super easy to use when transforming unexpected things into light fixtures.

I forced the cord to hang straight with a highly technical wrap method and some wire.  ;)

Then wrapped the cord in burlap ribbon.  Gotta love burlap!

Once I got the cord all tucked nice and neat in the burlap, I realized I had not added anything to actually "hang" the chandelier from.  I don't like using the cord to support the weight of a project, even if it's light. 

So I used a flyswatter super secret junker's tool to fish some jute twine through the burlap and secured to the top of the birdcage.

Notice all the bling?  It's maybe a bit much for me...I'm more of a burlap and rust kind of gal, but I'll give it a chance.

There she is...all pretty and shiny.  After trying a few different bulbs, I settled on one with low wattage, so it can be left on as a nightlight for those middle of the night bathroom visits.

What do you think?  Too blingy?

Now, you didn't think that proclaiming my love for birdcages meant I only had one, did you?

Here are a few more that have made their way around my home.

Isn't that a sweet pulley to hang another birdcage light fixure in my laundry/sewing/diy room?!

I've been waiting to do a before and after post on organizing this room. 
 Like that's gonna happen.

And this, my dear friends, is the sweet romantic corner where my husband and I enjoy a glass of wine and share our daily stories.


What do you use your birdcages for?


  1. Love the bling and the crystals on the birdcage. Not so sure about the heavy burlap against the lightness of the rest of the piece....just my opinion.

  2. OK,. you've inspired me to get mine out of the garage and repurpose it. But first I have to find it. Lovely blog btw, keep up the good work!

  3. Silly me, I just have mine sitting on top of a cabinet. I need to add some light to it.

  4. So nice birdcages I have never seen. Like those crystals too.

    - Herman Swan


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