Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes the answer is black...or white!

Sometimes, people just don't have the same vision as you...

They do not see the potential in ceramic owls
 and gold "Home Interiors" finds...

They are not even remotely jealous
 that you found this owl and they didn't...  ;) 

They think they know WHY Donna took these to the thrift store

(Carol may not know...so MUM'S the word !)

THEY are non-believers in the power of paint...
Oh ye of such little faith!....

Neutral white or black paint can change ANYTHING!

Look at him now!
 White paint washed away the ugly but kept the retro charm...
 (How cute would this be in a little girl's room...against a pink wall?)
It's a nod to the 60's?...70's? 
But the white paint gives it a modern spin.
I have to say...I  love easy projects like this that really make a big transformation...
You may even find an owl similar to this at Anthropology these days...
Now how about those "Home Interior" pieces?

That clock popped right off... saving that for a future project...


With some black paint and a round mirror, this gal will be transformed!
Black (or any color really) will put a modern spin on all of that victorian-like scroll work...

And this mirror ...I am LOVING the view!!...but, again,  not the gold coloring!

A little black semi gloss paint...

(Left this awesome stencil image)

...and makes the pieces look less plastic, less Home Interior,
and can be the starting point for a wall of mirrors like these:

And how awesome is this!?

I never thought I'd say it, but "Home Interiors" just may be making a comeback!
Is the world coming to an end!?


Have a Happy 4th!!!

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  1. hee-hee

    I confess... I can't leave anything Home Interior where I see it or in it's original state of.... uhmmm..... beauty.

    ssssshhhhhh.... LOL
    Your owl is a HOOT! *snicker*

    SUPER cute!!!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!

  2. Spray paint is our friend! You can take just about anything and make it better with a little paint and imagination! Love the idea of replacing the clockface with a mirror and having several on a wall - beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  3. I absolutely couldn't live without spray paint! So loving owls lately! Great transformations!

  4. Lovin' the power of paint Lynette! The only thing cuter than that white owl is the pic of your 2 non-believers!


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