Sunday, February 17, 2013

I love you Pinterest.


Who's up for another before & after?  The inspiration for my dresser face lift came from Pinterest (who else?) only I didn't follow the link all the way back for the how-to. I figured the visual alone was all I needed. Alas, I was visually mislead.  The pin I saw for this dresser had a caption with it that read "lace front drawers" or something like that.
Cool idea, right?  I thought so too.  I had just the dresser in mind and set out to transform her.

Don't let the dust and filthy antlers scare you.  The dresser has been sitting in storage for a bit, although there has been a time or two when my house has been less than spotless (wink wink).  The antlers also underwent a transformation and now reside in some lucky gal's home...possibly holding jewelry.  Yay for dead deer!  Anyway.....the dresser.  So I knew I wanted to try ASCP in Coco, which was similar to the Pinterest dresser.

After two coats had dried, I measured the drawer fronts to determine where I wanted to place the trim pieces.  Here's a hint for you....the big box home stores do not carry wood trim petite enough for some of the smaller dresser drawers out there.  I ordered mine online from a doll house hobby site.  I have since seen tiny decorative trims at JoAnn fabrics?  Who knew?  You do now.

After measuring the trim and attaching it to each drawer with wood glue and brads, I measured the lace and glued it inside the trimmed area with a layer of Mod Podge. Another hint: Very flat, petite (word of the day) fine lace can be hard to find.  I found this in the bridal section at JoAnn's, right after discovering that wee dollhouse trim!
Bridal lace is ridiculously expensive. Just sayin.

It was about at this point during the project that I decided to follow the link on Pinterest for this dresser.  Good idea. But kind of late.  The original poster used textured paintable wallpaper, not lace.  Of course she did!  Whatever. Too late now.
Besides, I think that over-priced lace is pretty.

After coating the dried lace with 2 coats of the Coco chalk paint, I painted the trim pieces with ASCP in Old White. I think it sets the drawers off nicely.
Then came the clear wax to seal the deal, along with some previously loved vintage glass knobs.  Icing on the (bridal?) cake!  Here she is below at her JunkFest debut. 
Pretty darn similar to the Pinterest dresser, wouldn't you say?

And for the record, the Pinterest dresser does look like lace, yes?  I may have been visually duped, but I'm not bitter.  I still love you Pinterest! 
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  1. Shhhhhh! Don't tell anybody but I like your dresser better than the Pinterest one! I love the shape, the legs are so cute and the color is brighter and richer to me. Love the use of the lace and mini-trim. Next time you're looking for trim this size, check out Michaels. They have quite a good selection of very thin decorative mouldings in their unfinished wood section. Love this make-over! Hugs, Leena

  2. Looks great! I think a lot of times the pin is misleading, but good inspiration none the less.

  3. Great Job! I bet you had more fun than you thought you would. I am very impressed and thank for sharing. We too LOVE Pinterest!

  4. new addiction!
    Love your dresser makeover.

  5. While I like them both I too like yours better!

  6. Cassie the dresser is adorable! I can only imagine it sold very quickly at Junfest 2012!


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