Friday, August 9, 2013

Vendor Feature #4: Something New!

New to JunkFest this year are Don & Priscilla Giffey, Roseglen ND, with their unique wooden barn quilt squares. These Amish-style quilt squares are crafted by hand.  Each quilt contains anywhere from 64 to 100 pieces of wood, is painted, then reassembled on plywood backing.

The quilt squares are treated with an exterior grade polyurethane so that they may be hung outside.
So cute for a nursery!
As you can see, the "quilts" come in a variety of sizes and patterns.
These would be stunning hanging inside as well....perhaps a great room wall, or over a fireplace?
Make sure to attend JunkFest '13 to see some of these great wooden quilt squares, as well as many other hand crafted items!  There truly is something for everyone!


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