Friday, January 23, 2009

I let "her" go...

I set her free. She was such a good friend, a confidant, a junk assistant. We spent so much time together, traveled together everywhere. Sometimes we'd listen to the radio and she didn't mind if I laughed out loud, and she didn't laugh when I sang out of tune. She listened to my every idea, she was with me when I needed to cry. She was mostly dependable...but a bit tempermental at times. Okay, I'll admit it, over the years she became a very "high need" friend. Well, "friend" might be a bit strong for our real relationship. My VAN. Well, the time had come. I had to bid my dear old van adieu. It went down the road this week. I have to admit I will miss the thing, it could haul alot of junk!

This is "middle child". (Will work for food)

Don't worry about me. I'm not giving up my junking habits. VAN has been replaced with SUV, and 4 wheel drive to boot! Now, it was a bit interesting cleaning out a vehicle that's been around awhile. Doodles and writings of the children, $4.64 in change (that includes 79 pennies). An array of fast-food-high-quality-toys. Maybe they're worth money now! One sock, three fingernail clippers, and a single rose petal from my brother's funeral (has been with me every trip since... superstitious-no; sentimental-absolutely!). I'm looking forward to seeing how jamb packed I can get this vehicle...and now a hitch for the trailer...hmmm. This is going to be fun!


  1. isn't it amazing all the junk we have in our cars? and not the GOOD kind of junk either!

    :) congrats on the new ride!

  2. Hey, Miss, let's get that new SUV out on her maiden junk voyage! Or should we wait until the spring thaw?!

  3. Ah...'tis the year for 4x4s!!! Our ND Spring will probably prove to be perfect for a 4x4...and there's Summer at the Lake...and finding Junk...and Fall for the Fest...and sheesh...Winter again. Time flies! ;-)

  4. hi, thank you for making me a favorite, i see we like the same things, junk,junk & more junk & whitewash :) ain't nothing like it LOL.
    i see you have two other partners in crime :) i work alone, that way i don't have to beat anyone up to get to the junk first!it's mine all mine :) check back often. gio

  5. What a cute post! :) Fun reading on your blog...thank you for visiting the "junkin' yaya"! I look forward to getting to know you...have a beautiful weekend...xo...deb

  6. Hey Melissa, sorry to keep you waiting and drooling on your computer :) check out the blog now! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great Sunday.

  7. hi, lynette, my sons a postal carrier also :) we just keep having more in common girls don't we :) gio


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